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How To Choose the Best Rug Style for Any Room

| Team Tumble

Maybe you've done this before or maybe this is your first time, but choosing the best rug style for a room in your house can be challenging no matter how much of an expert you are. Choosing the right rug means looking at everything from texture and color to durability, size, density, and more. 

You don't want to purchase a large-sized rug that will make placement difficult or a rug that brings the wrong aesthetic into your space. You also might not want a rug that takes up too much visual space if you live in a small apartment that already has a lot of eclectic objects or statement furniture in it. 

What style of rug is best for you, your style, and the layout of the space you’re furnishing?

When choosing the best rug style for a new room in your house you want to keep in mind many factors that can affect your decision. 

It's not only important to consider the climate you live in, the shape of your room, and the purpose of your rug, but it's also important to consider how you're going to clean the rug you choose. Our blog is here to help you find the best style rug for any room in your home. 

What Room?

The first factor to keep in mind when choosing the best style rug is the type of room it will be placed in.

Are you hoping for a contemporary rug to give off a cozy vibe to compliment your intimate and inviting bedroom decorations? Is this rug going to run along a long high-traffic area like a hallway? Is it a living room rug that sits under your sofa? Will it be under your coffee table? If so, be ready for spills.

The kind of room your new rug will be heading into is going to affect the rug you choose to purchase. For example, you're not going to purchase a long thin rug for your living room and you're not going to end up finding a large rectangular rug that will work in your hallway

What’s the Size and Shape of Your Room? 

Not only do you need to consider what kind of room your rug is going to be complimenting, but also the size and shape of the space. Large dining rooms, for example, can typically hold larger rugs that take up more space. 

The layout is everything when it comes to choosing a style of rug. What if you purchase a giant patterned low pile wool rug, but the room you’re furnishing is full of neutrals and calls for a muted-color rug that you’re able to place in the washing machine when it gets stains?  

It's important to find a rug that never takes up too much or too little space. There is definitely a balance that you want to achieve here. You don't want to get a 10x12 size Moroccan rug for a room that is 11x14 ft — that would make the entire room completely rug-centric.  

If you're working with an 11x14 foot room, consider a rug that is half the size,  which still keeps the room cozy and homey-feeling without completely taking over the entire floor space. 

Always Consider Climate

This might not be a factor that you would consider when shopping for a new style of rug or carpet for your new room, but considering climate is actually vital in this process. Different types of materials — from natural materials like cotton and jute to synthetics — all respond differently to temperature changes.

If you live in a hot and humid climate, walking into a front hallway with a shag rug or runner is not ideal for this weather. Shag rugs will definitely collect more dirt and moisture, which is not conducive to a wet, hot, and humid climate. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you want to consider a large wool rug if you live in a climate that tends to fall below 30 degrees. A wool rug will warm up your space, allowing the 30 degree temps to not damper your mood!  

Sometimes cold climates can bring along significant desires for warmer summer days,  but when you have a wool rug, this style brings the heat you need and will keep you comforted until June finally rolls around. 

Pattern or No Pattern?

Are you a pattern person or do you tend to keep it simple when it comes to decorating your space? If you tend to play it safe and love a common color scheme for your whole home,  consider a rug with little to no pattern.  

However, if you style in a more eclectic look and you enjoy bringing a pattern into your room as a main focal point,  there is nothing wrong with a zigzag spiral or even floral pattern. There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from, including kilims, jute rugs from India, sisal from Africa, and even vintage rugs with unique patterns. You might also want to try textural patterns like knots. Our Shiraz rug in Navy brings the perfect vintage touch to even the most modern spaces. 

Maybe you're somewhere in the middle and you like a more subtle pattern that isn't harsh or defining your space. 

Our washable Petra rug is the epitome of a subtle pattern, with the perfect pile height — and without any defined edges or markings. You can either fall for the rich shades of ivory and silver for a neutral tone for your bedroom, or you can consider light aqua and sand white for a cooler toned rug for your seaside guest bedroom. 

What Is Your Room’s purpose? 

Always consider the purpose of your room when styling it with a new rug. If you work from home and have clients visiting your office space, a rug with calming hues in a fairly simple style might be a great complement to making everyone feel welcome without feeling overwhelmed. 

You never want to create an office space with a rug that has bright red or yellow colors- these colors actually form a sense of anxiety and can create a space conducive to a bad business deal. 

Are You Expecting Guests?

If the room's purpose is for a guest to sleep during holiday visits, you want to include a cozy style rug that brings in a sense of home. Whenever you have a family member or friend visiting from out of town, you want them to feel comfortable, like they are at their home away from home. 

To help create this environment, you don't want to buy a style of rug that is not soft to the touch or not in a pattern that is welcoming. 

Do You Have Children?

On another note, say the room is frequently trafficked and visited by a lot of guests and friends, or stomped on by your children with muddy shoes. You want to make sure that you purchase a style of rug that is machine washable and also one that doesn't collect dust or absorb moisture easily. 

Your kids can be unpredictable, which is why a rug that you can stick in the washing machine might be the best option. Even if you have pets, being able to stick a rug in the washing machine is incredibly helpful and honestly game-changing. 

Is This Rug for Your Bedroom?

If you’re choosing a new rug for your personal bedroom which is the most sacred space in your home, you want to make sure that your feet can press your feet into a fluffy and heartwarming rug every morning. Thankfully, all Tumble rugs come with a cushioned rug pad that provides just the right amount of support and cushion underfoot.

Case by Case

Maybe you're designing a second home, a small apartment, or even a space for a family member, with all these you want to consider the room’s purpose. This is probably the most important factor when choosing a rug style and will contribute to the amount of dirt and dust it will accumulate. 

What Is Your Rug’s purpose? 

You also need to consider the rug's purpose and how it will complement your room. Do you want a rug that is a statement and defines your room or do you want a rug that supports the style that has already been established in your space? 

There are pros and cons to having your rug be the main focal point of your space. The pros are that your room will give off a homey feeling if your rug is taking precedent. The cons are that you have to keep it clean, or it will be obvious. Having a rug be your focal point means that your rug has to be in pristine condition and vacuumed once a week, and washed whenever you get the chance. 

Compliment YOU

Make sure to consider these steps when choosing the best style rug for your room. Consider a statement rug in a hallway where the space needs brightening or an interesting pattern. Try to avoid bright reds and yellows when bringing a rug into an office space or a space you're trying to bring a sense of calmness into. And always note the size of the space you’re working with before you purchase a rug!

If you want to keep your space simple, consider a standard rectangular rug with beige or sand colors, or light blues and greens. There is a lot to say with a rug but if you'd rather say a little,  have your rug carry out the simple purpose of bringing comfort to your feet and warmth to your home and to the floor.  



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