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Washable Rugs, Made Better

Not sure which washable area rug is best for you? Consider purchasing one of our tried and true bestselling rugs from our best sellers collection. Don’t just take our word for it! These best washable rugs have been frequently purchased and loved by numerous Tumble customers.

Canyon - Oatmeal/Grey
$99.00 - $539.00
Olivia - Ivory/Neutral
$99.00 - $539.00
Amara - Indigo/Beige
$99.00 - $539.00
Tabor - Natural/Ash
$99.00 - $539.00
Sable - Silver/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Lisa - Taupe/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Amara - Ash/Natural
$99.00 - $539.00
Petra - Sand/Sea
$99.00 - $539.00
Amara - Blush/Grey
$99.00 - $539.00
Sable - Green/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Canyon - Grey/Ivory
$99.00 - $539.00
Maya - Ivory/Neutral
$99.00 - $539.00
Azra - Ivory/Berry
$99.00 - $539.00
Shiraz - Terracotta/Sky
$99.00 - $539.00
Amara - Coral/Blue
$99.00 - $539.00
Olivia - Ash/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Taos - Neutral
$99.00 - $539.00
Shiraz - Silver/Slate
$99.00 - $539.00
Juliet - Grey/Green
$99.00 - $539.00
Lisa - Grey/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00

Can't Decide On a Design?

We're here to make rug shopping effortless. Whether you need help choosing a vibe, style, or size, we'd love to help!

About Our Best Washable Rugs

Each of our bestselling rugs have been loved by several of our customers in the past, and we know you’ll love your washable area rug, too! Choose from a variety of design styles, color palettes, and patterns for a machine washable rug that is perfect for your home. Our best washable rug collection is perfect if you’re a first-time Tumble customer. By narrowing down all of our bestselling rugs, you’ll be able to choose from the best of the best when it comes to our machine washable rug collection. 

FAQs About Our Best Washable Rugs

How do I wash my washable area rug?
  1. Place any of our bestselling rugs into a washing machine with the stains facing outward.
  2. Wash your machine washable rug in cold water on a delicate cycle using standard laundry detergent. 
  3. Tumble dry your washable rug on low heat, or hang dry.
Do all machine washable rugs fit into a washing machine?

Yes, all of our best washable rugs fit in a standard washing machine:

  • Washable runners and washable 3x5 rugs fit in a 2.2 cubic foot washer.
  • Washable 5x7 rugs, 6x9 rugs, and 8x10 rugs fit in a 3.8 cubic foot washer.

Note: Only the Tumble washable area rug is machine washable. The rug pad can be cleaned with soap and water.

Can I vacuum my machine washable rug?

Yes, you can vacuum any of our best washable rugs on the lowest setting (without the use of a beater brush). We recommend avoiding the sewn edges of the rug and not using robot vacuums as they may damage the washable rug’s edges.

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