Assembling Your Washable Rug


Prepare Your Space

Determine where you want to place the rug and clear the space entirely. Once you set up the rug pad, it will be difficult to move.


Lay Out the Rug Pad

Place each pad piece in its intended spot. Follow the numbers carefully on your desired rug size to see the configuration of the pads.

Rug Pad Layouts

Connect the Pad Pieces

Connect each piece by aligning the interlocking teeth and gently patting them down unit the teeth are flush. Apply a little force if necessary.


Place the Rug Down

Place the rug onto the pad and tuck each corner of the pad into the pockets on the underside of the rug.


Smooth Out Wrinkles

Center the rug on the pad and smooth out any wrinkles. Any creases should relax within a week. If necessary, iron out the creases on the lowest setting. Note: The rug should be larger than the pad and will shrink slightly after washing.


Apply Corner Grippers

After the rug is smoothed out and before the furniture is placed on the rug, gently pull the rug tight and apply the Corner Grippers. See instructions on the Corner Gripper pack for additional details.