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Best Washable Area Rugs If You Love Boho Style

Best Washable Area Rugs If You Love Boho Style

The boho design style is a popular trend that originated in the 1960s and ’70s and only continues to gain momentum in modern day home decor and styling. Rooted in the idea of creating a relaxed and carefree atmosphere, boho design style typically features eclectic decor that includes bright colors, bold patterns, and natural textures. One of the easiest ways to add this carefree spirit into your home is by bringing a Boho rug into your space. 

True to boho design elements, our Boho rugs are inspired by a mixture of different patterns, colors, and textures to give each rug a unique and eclectic feel. Made with our spillproof and machine washable rug structure, our Boho rug collection allows you to effortlessly elevate your home while simultaneously eliminating the stress of accidental spills and stains. So, whether you’re using a Boho rug as a way to add a bold pop of color in a neutral space, or you’re looking for a neutral Boho rug to tie a room together, our Boho rug collection has the best washable area rug options for you!

New Boho Rugs At Tumble

Stay ahead of the trends when it comes to shopping for a new washable rug for your home by choosing one of our NEW Boho rug designs! These spillproof rugs are new to our boho collection, and we guarantee you’ll become a trendsetter among your friends and family when they see these new designs in your home:

Juliet — Grey/Green

washable boho rug

The Juliet Grey/Green Boho rug is a stunning piece that will add a touch of bohemian charm to any room. This washable area rug features a unique blend of grey and green tones in a beautiful and intricate Tree of Life pattern that is sure to catch the eye. The trailing vines and damask motifs in this spillproof rug reimagines a classic boho design element, making this Boho rug perfect for the modern, carefree spirit. Made with our classic machine washable rug structure, this Boho rug is perfect for a living room or bedroom and can be easily paired with other boho-inspired decor for a complete and cohesive look.

Savannah — Ivory/Neutral

washable boho rug

The Savannah Ivory/Neutral Boho rug is a subtle yet stunning piece, perfect for every boho-inspired home. This spillproof rug features a blend of ivory and neutral tones in a unique and eye-catching pattern inspired by elements traditionally found in Oxaca, Mexico. The unique, intricate design elements of this Boho rug are neutral enough to pair with even your most vibrantly colored decor while still bringing a beautiful bohemian design element into the space. Designed with our machine washable rug structure and spillproof material, your fears of staining this lightly colored area rug will be a thing of the past — which means you can spend more time relaxing in your newly decorated boho oasis and less time stressing over cleaning your Boho rug! 

Savannah — Indigo/Brick

washable boho rug

Love the Savannah Boho rug but looking for a darker element to use in your space? The Savannah rug in Indigo/Brick blends the boho-inspired design elements of our Savannah design with a blend of deep indigos and brick tones, perfect for adding depth and dimension to any room. Of course, this Boho rug is still made with our classic machine washable rug structure and spillproof rug material, giving you peace of mind when using this elegant design to elevate your home’s most heavily trafficked spaces!

Classic Boho Rugs In Our Collection

If the new designs in our Boho rugs collection aren’t quite your style, we still have several classic Boho designs for you to choose from! Whether you prefer intricate patterns or more subtle designs, there’s a Boho rug in our collection that will suit everyone’s taste. But, don’t just take our word for it — read why our customers love these rugs, too:

Sable — Silver/Multi

washable boho rug

The Sable boho rug design in Silver/Multi is hand-woven from a blend of cotton and wool, resulting in a soft and cozy texture. The neutral silver and taupe tones in this spillproof rug are accented with pops of color, including blush, blue, and terracotta, which add a playful and eclectic touch to the boho-inspired design. Plus, the geometric pattern creates a timeless and versatile piece that can be incorporated into a variety of decor styles. This machine washable rug is perfect for adding warmth and character to any room in the house!

Why our customers love it: “I love this Tumble rug! The color is so pretty to me as it is a cool silver that has a blue undertone. I wanted a rug in the blue family that is not too bold and blue and this was perfect. I would describe the main color as a slate, and has a few darker indigo pieces. It is a neutral in the blue family! The texture is really nice, and feels very soft under bare feet.” — Diana S.

Maya — Ivory/Neutral

washable boho rug

The Maya Boho rug in Ivory/Neutral is a classic and versatile piece that can suit a wide range of interior styles, especially Bohemian design style. This machine washable rug boasts a neutral ivory hue accented by hints of black, grey, and tan, giving it a timeless and refined appearance. Plus, the subtle diamond pattern offers just enough Boho-inspired design elements while still remaining neutral enough to pair with any of your favorite decor pieces. Perfect for adding texture and warmth to any room, the Maya Boho rug is a charming addition to any home!

Why our customers love it: “I love this rug. It was easy to assemble and looks perfect in my living room. My pets love it too, washing it was very easy. I would definitely buy more!” — Emily M.

Still not sure which Boho rug is best for your space? Be sure to check out our entire Boho rugs collection, or even shop our best sellers to find a washable rug design that’s perfect for you! If you need a little extra help, our design team is eager to provide you with a personalized, complimentary design consultation upon request here.