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Four New Machine Washable Rug Designs From Tumble This Fall

| Team Tumble

At Tumble, we’re constantly changing and innovating our machine washable rug designs to bring you the most on-trend looks in our signature machine washable and spillproof rug technology. As design trends change so do your home decor preferences and we are committed to ensuring you have the best machine washable rug designs to choose from all year long!

Here are four of our newest washable and spillproof rug designs perfect for adding a cozy touch to your home this fall:

Cozy Fur  — Ivory

machine washable fur rug

Shop the Cozy Fur machine washable rug

Yes, you read that right  — we now offer a faux fur machine washable rug! With our new faux fur machine washable rug, you no longer need to sacrifice luxury for functionality. This new machine washable rug is made out of vegan fur to give it a plush, amazingly soft texture and feel. Plus, this design still uses our machine washable rug structure so you no longer need to stress over keeping your rug clean! Bring this new machine washable rug into any room of your home for an instantly cozy atmosphere.

Lisa — Midnight

machine washable rug

Shop the Lisa machine washable rug

When summer begins to give way to chilly fall days, many of us are aiming for a darker, more moody ambiance in our homes (especially around Halloween!). The new Lisa machine washable rug in Midnight is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a dark statement piece. This traditional rug draws design motifs from traditional Persian rugs and blends it with our modern washable and spillproof rug technology, making it perfect for homes with a classic design style!

Genevieve — Forest/Multi

spillproof rug

Shop the Genevieve machine washable rug

If you’re looking for a spillproof rug in traditional design style but want a lighter color palette, the Genevieve machine washable rug in Forest/Multi is perfect for you. Its rich, dark blue-green base color is lightened by the shades of brown and beige that detail this machine washable rug. Perfect for rooms that want a sophisticated look or homeowners who want to make a classic statement, the Genevieve spillproof rug is elegant and timeless.

Penelope — Ivory/Sage

washable rug

Shop the Penelope machine washable rug

If the dark, moody ambience isn’t your vibe, our new Penelope spillproof rug in Ivory/Sage is a great alternative. This neutral rug is elevated by touches of blue and green tones to add a subtle pop of color to every room. With its machine washable rug structure, the Penelope is great for brightening up a space without the added stress of avoiding stains and spills!

Didn’t see something you liked? Shop all of our machine washable rug designs with spillproof rug technology now!

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