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6x9 Rugs

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A 6x9 rug is great to use as a large statement piece in any room of your house. Although it will still leave a bit of the natural floor exposed, a 6x9 rug can still work as a great eye-catching piece to anchor a room and tie all of the different design elements together.

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About our 6x9 Rug Collection

Our washable 6x9 rug collection features our classic Tumble machine washable rug designs that measure six feet long by nine feet wide. Because it is on the larger side, a 6x9 rug is great for filling most of the floor space in any room. Additionally, the large size of a 6x9 rug makes it the perfect rug size for a queen bed. Whether you bring it into a bedroom, living room, or dining room, the machine washable rug design of your 6x9 rug will quickly become an eye-catching statement piece.

How to Style Your 6x9 Rug

A 6x9 rug is great if you’re looking for a machine washable rug that will fill the majority of your space while still leaving some of the floor slightly exposed. So, if you’re wanting the best of both worlds between a beautiful washable area rug and showing off your home’s natural flooring, a 6x9 rug is perfect for you. A 6x9 rug is best in bedrooms and living rooms if you fit the washable rug only partially under the bed or sofa. Specifically, a 6x9 rug is a great rug size for a queen bed. You can also bring a washable 6x9 rug into your dining room as it is a great rug size for a dining table that seats less than six chairs. Not only will your 6x9 rug look great under the table while still leaving some floor space exposed, but the machine washable rug material means you won’t be hyperfocused on preventing any accidental spills throughout the meal.

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