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Size Guide: Rug Size For Living Room

| Team Tumble

When it comes to selecting a rug size for living room, it can feel daunting because there are so many sizes to choose from. Whether you’re looking to transform an existing color palette in your living room or are seeking to effortlessly fold a new rug with neutral colors into your living room, selecting the right size rug should be your starting point. 

What Size Area Rug For Living Room?

So, should you go with a small rug, large rug, round rug, or square rug size for living room? One of the most important things to consider when selecting a rug for your living room is what components are at play in your living room and what kind of aesthetic moment you are looking to create with your new rug. When it comes down to it, a rug that is too small for your living room can change the entire flow of the room and throw the interior design off-balance. 

You want to make sure that the rug size you select offers enough space for all of your living room components to be incorporated or that it’s small enough to create a subsection within your larger living room area.

2 Ways to Style Any Rug Size For Living Room

All Legs On

If you have an  open concept home with a large living room, the “all legs on” design style is a great option. With this style, the idea is to incorporate an area rug that is large enough to fit all the legs of your furniture on top of it. The specific rug size will depend on the dimensions of your living room and how much furniture you have in it. But, a great rule of thumb is to remember that a good rug size for living room allows for at least six inches of excess surface area around the edges of the furniture.

Half On, Half Off

For homes with smaller living rooms, you may opt for the half on, half off design style. This style allows you to place only the two front legs of each furniture piece on the rug which allows you to use a smaller rug size to accommodate the smaller living space. When designing the layout of your living room, allow for a minimum of 18 to 24 inches of walkway space between each furniture piece. Once you’ve got your furniture arranged precisely how you want it, you will be able to determine what size area rug for living room you’ll need to compliment your furniture. 

9x12 Rug Size For Living Room

9x12 rug size

A 9x12 rug size for living room is the largest spillproof rug we offer and is perfect for homes with large open concepts and grand living rooms. A rug of this size is a great statement piece and will quickly become the focal point of the room, so be sure to choose a rug design that you love!

With its large surface area, a 9x12 size area rug for living room leaves more than enough space for the “all legs on” furniture arrangement. It is great for an L-shaped couch with several accent chairs and tables.

Tip: This rug size for living room is ideal for rooms that are 12’x18’ or larger!

8x10 Rug Size For Living Room

8x10 rug size

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An 8x10 rug size for living room is the most common and versatile size for large rugs that can be brought into a living room’s seating area. The edge of the rug will easily fit the front legs of your sofa or sectional while still leaving more floor space than a larger rug will.

With ample room to play with, an 8x10 rug is big enough to bring in multiple furniture components and types of couches of larger sizes. It’s also big enough to give a small living room a cohesive look and make the room look cozier. 

As a general rule, this size area rug for living room is large enough to accommodate an L-shaped couch or seater sofas that have two to three seats on them. Additionally, an 8x10 rug can be used with a coffee table, accent chairs, and side tables. 

Tip: This rug size for living room is ideal for rooms that are 11’x13’ or larger!

6x9 Rug Size For Living Room

6x9 rug size

A 6x9 rug size for living room is ideal for smaller or mid-sized spaces. Not only do they look wonderful with a two to three-seater couch, but they are small enough to really let the flooring take center stage. This size also works well with an L-shaped couch or a chair and a half accent piece.

Tip: This rug size for living room is ideal for rooms that are smaller than 11’x13’!

5x7 Rug Size For Living Room

5x7 rug size

A 5x7 rug size for living room looks its best under a coffee table, with or without any accompanying chairs. It is also well-suited for otherwise empty spaces, like in front of a fireplace. 

Tip: This rug size for living room is ideal for the half on, half off look in living rooms that are smaller than 1’1x13’!

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