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Best Rug Size For A Kitchen

Best Rug Size For A Kitchen

Are you searching for the perfect rug size to elevate your kitchen decor and add a cozy touch to your culinary haven? Choosing the right rug size for your kitchen is essential in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Whether you have a small, compact kitchen or a spacious open-concept kitchen, finding the ideal rug size can enhance the overall ambiance and tie the room together. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights on selecting the best rug size for your kitchen. 

When browsing the several kitchen rug options out there, we highly recommend (in our biased opinion) choosing a washable area rug. Your kitchen is often the space where you’re free to get creatively messy by trying out new recipes, cooking for loved ones, and experimenting with new flavors. So, stressing over how to prevent spills and stains shouldn’t distract you from your culinary creativity! Having a spillproof rug with a machine washable rug structure in your kitchen is the best way to keep the space clean without too much effort. But, don’t just take our word for it; read why customers love our washable rugs, too!

Kitchen Rug Basics

When it comes to finding the best rug size for your kitchen, several factors come into play, such as the layout, dimensions, and specific needs of your space. A well-chosen rug can add style, comfort, and protection to your kitchen floor while also serving as a practical solution for high-traffic areas. With the versatility and convenience of a washable area rug, you can easily maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.

Firstly, consider the available floor space in your kitchen. If you have a larger kitchen, you may opt for a larger washable area rug to anchor the room and define separate zones within the space. However, if you have a smaller kitchen or limited floor space, a smaller washable rug or washable runner rug might be more suitable. A runner rug can be placed along the length of the sink or countertop, providing cushioning and protection in the areas where you spend the most time standing.

Another important consideration is the shape of the rug. Most kitchens have rectangular or square floor layouts, making rectangular rugs or runner rugs the most popular choices. These rug shapes tend to fit well in front of sinks, islands, or beneath tables. 

When it comes to size, ensure that the rug is proportionate to the area it will cover. A common guideline is to leave a border of at least 6-12 inches between the edges of the rug and the surrounding cabinets or appliances. This provides a visually appealing balance and prevents the rug from feeling cramped.

Lastly, prioritize functionality and practicality. Since the kitchen is prone to spills and stains, choosing a washable runner rug or a washable area rug is highly recommended. These rugs can be easily cleaned and maintained, allowing you to keep your kitchen looking fresh and inviting.

By considering the available space, shape, size, and practicality, you can find the perfect rug size for your kitchen. Whether you opt for a small runner rug or a larger area rug, the right rug size will add a touch of style, comfort, and protection to your kitchen while ensuring easy maintenance in this busy hub of your home!

5x7 Rug Size For Kitchens

5x7 rug size for kitchen

A 5x7 rug size is best suited for smaller kitchens or specific areas within a larger kitchen. This rug size can be an excellent choice for adding a cozy touch to a compact kitchen or defining a specific zone such as a prep area or under a small dining table. Plus, with our unique rug pad design, every Tumble washable rug provides a comfortable surface underfoot, making it ideal for standing in front of the sink doing dishes or at the counter prepping ingredients. Whether you have a galley kitchen, a cozy breakfast nook, or a compact kitchenette, a 5x7 rug size can bring warmth and character to your space!

Washable area rug for homes with Bohemian design style: Maya — Ivory/Neutral

Why our customers love it: “I love this pattern. Worked out well in our kitchen. I like that Tumble adds in the rubber grips for the corners which are big help!” — Keriya C.

3x5 Rug Size For Kitchens

3x5 rug size for kitchen

A 3x5 rug size is an excellent choice for small kitchenettes, or for placing in front of any kitchen sink or stove. Because our washable area rugs are designed to withstand the demands of a kitchen environment, this rug size is perfect for adding both style and functionality to your kitchen space. The 3x5 rug size offers a soft and comfortable surface while protecting your floors from spills and providing a cozy space for those long nights spent cooking. So, whether you have limited floor space or want to highlight a specific area in your kitchen, a 3x5 rug can be a versatile and charming choice!

Washable area rug for homes with Neutral design style: Victoria — Ivory/Sage

Why our customers love it: “The rug is very pretty, and I love how it lays flat and does not curl on the edges. I was concerned it may not look good with my white cabinets, but it really made my cabinets pop and my kitchen is a lot brighter with the addition of this rug. I especially like the underlayment, it was so easy to put together and attach the rug to it!” — Marie W.

Runner Rug Size For Kitchens

persian washable rug

Runner rugs are an ideal addition to any narrow kitchen, and they are especially beneficial in making small spaces feel more expansive and vibrant. At Tumble, we’ve designed our spillproof rug surface and cushioned rug pad specifically to make our runners perfect for kitchen areas, offering both style and practicality. A washable runner rug is ideal for compact kitchenettes with a narrow floor layout. But, they are also great for sectioning off larger kitchens. If your large kitchen has a long row of cabinets or counter space, a washable runner rug is the perfect accent element to place parallel to this area, adding a dynamic pop of style while still keeping the room cohesive and elevated! 

Washable area rug for homes with Persian design style: Hayden — Ruby/Grey

Why our customers love it: “This rug is everything I wanted. The material is great, the pattern is just as pictured, the price is right and it doesn’t come up at the edges like some rugs do. I will be getting more!” — Victoria L.

Still not sure which rug size is best for your kitchen? We've got you covered with our comprehensive rug size guide that will help you bring the right size washable rug into every room in your home. Or, if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, consult with one of our designers (for free!) to determine which Tumble is best for you!