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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Runner Rug

| Team Tumble

What is a Runner Rug?

A runner rug usually lives in higher-traffic areas of the home like your entryway, kitchens, and hallways. Runners come in all shapes and sizes but generally have a longer length than they do width. Not only that, but oftentimes runner rugs are designed to make an impression; they fit within a space that’s meant to be passed through, which always offers an opportunity to make a statement.

Crash Course: Guide to Buying a Runner Rug

Your lifestyle is a key component when choosing a runner rug. Busy parent? Pet owner? Multi-person home? All these factors contribute to what you might be seeking out functionally from a runner rug.

If you live an active lifestyle but aren’t willing to compromise your commitment to design, then you’re likely seeking out a runner rug that is not only designed well but made well, too. Take our spillproof machine washable rugs, for example. With each rug being spillproof and machine washable, you no longer have to worry about guests forgetting to remove their shoes or pets coming in from the yard. Kids building a fort in the hallway and bringing snacks? Tumble’s spillproof rugs wick liquid away, making for easy clean-ups and easier washes.

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How to Choose a Runner Rug for Your Entryway

First impressions are everything, but when it comes to entryways, it isn’t always about doing the most. Sometimes, subtlety is all you need to achieve elegance and luxury. Consider what you and your guests will see when they enter your home. Build from the ground up and consider what kind of impression you want to make.

A soft, handcrafted runner rug is the perfect way to make a statement about comfort, luxury, and utility. Atop your entrance runner, you can place a well-designed console table, a plant, or a low bench that invites guests into the home. Placing a runner rug at your home’s entrance is all about creating an inviting stage upon which everything else in the room can happen.

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How to Choose a Runner Rug for Your Hallway

Hallway runners can be an exciting opportunity to introduce a new color, texture, or combination of both into your living space. Always consider color as you’re planning out a hallway rug; does your hallway have its own distinct colorway, or is it a transition space from one room to the next?

Since the hallway is a high-traffic area, make sure your runner is stain-resistant with easy care instructions. For an extra buffer against movement, all of Tumble’s rugs come with a non-slip rug pad included.

How to Choose a Runner Rug for Your Kitchen

Finding the perfect runner rug for your kitchen is key, especially if you have a kitchen with an island or your kitchen doubles as a dining room. However, many people are hesitant to commit to a rug in the kitchen for fear of one main issue: accidents and spills that instantly destroy a hand-tufted masterpiece.

That’s why, out of any space in your home, prioritizing spillproof runner rugs is a must. With our runner rugs, you don’t have to worry about cooking with your children, midnight cereal, or an accident before your first sip of coffee. These spillproof rugs wick away any moisture that might spill onto it, making clean-up as easy as can be.

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Size Guide to Buying a Runner Rug

Another important element to be mindful of is the runner rug size; make sure that it covers an adequate amount of space from the front to the back of the hallway and that it fits snugly — but doesn’t overwhelm — the hallway space. A good rule of thumb is to have four to five inches of floor space visible on all sides of your runner. Tumble’s runner rugs come in two lengths — 7ft and 10ft — so you can choose the one that’s best for your home.

Recap: Guide to Buying a Runner Rug

Whether you’re looking for a new rug for a grand entrance, a subtle transition between rooms, an accent piece for under your sofa, or to introduce more luxury into your kitchen space, it’s important to remember how bringing a rug into a space can change everything. 

Regardless of your aesthetic, prioritize the balance between function and form; ensure that your home decor matches your lifestyle and that you’re selecting a runner rug that will make it easy to maintain everyday luxury.

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