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What Is the Correct Rug Size for a King Size Bed?

| Team Tumble

If you’re in the market for a new rug, chances are you’ve already started debating on the right size, dimensions, and design for your floor space. There are so many directions to head in that it can understandably become overwhelming. Everything from rug placement to the type of rug you’re getting can be confusing at first.

Tumble offers a wide range of styles and sizes; with so many, choosing just one can be a real struggle — although most homeowners could benefit from more than just one rug — even if some parts of your house have carpet.

A bedroom rug is an essential piece for your home. It sets the mood for your sleeping quarters. And if your room has hard floors, a rug brings a plush softness which will enhance texture and coziness. However, finding the right rug size for your bedroom is essential.

Many bedrooms have a king and queen-sized bed, which are on the larger end of the spectrum, and will require some additional floor coverage to extend beyond the width of the bed. Large area rugs are a great amenity in complimenting the size of your bed — they’re probably one of the best options for complimenting the size of a king bed or a queen.

To find out which rug size is best equipped to work with your new king bed, as well as other sized beds, we’ve thought through the options and have some ideas to share with you below. You might find that pairing the right rug with a king-size bed isn’t as hard as it seems!

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Fit for a King

As a standard rule of thumb, you want the rug underneath your bed to extend out from the end of your bed by about 24 inches, give or take. So, it really becomes a math problem, which, let’s be honest, is not many people’s forte. However, these are just general guidelines.

The standard king bed frame is sized at 76 inches wide, which means you’ll want a rug somewhere between 112-124 inches. That is about 10ft wide at the minimum. In terms of length, the king-size bed frame is 80 inches long, sometimes longer if it includes a headboard or bench at the foot of the bed. Since most beds back up against a wall, you’ll only need the additional space on the footboard — that means a rug of about 8 feet is your best option. Ultimately you are looking at a rug size of about 8x10’ for a king-sized bed.

If you are looking for extra coverage for a lot of space, you might consider a 9x12’, but not unless you have ample space in your room (you don’t want to crowd it out). Using an 8x10 rug, you should have enough coverage for the front of the bed, nightstands and bedside tables, and whatever furniture accessory you might want at the foot of your bed. If you have a large bedroom, then go for the 9x12’ and enjoy!

Other Bed Sizes

A king bed is an absolute luxury, and many people don’t have the space to fit such a large piece of furniture. Here’s a rundown on other bed sizes and rugs to match. 

The queen bed size is the most popular on the market, offering plenty of space and comfort. While a king bed is about a foot and a half wider than a queen, the suggested rug size for both remains the same. You’re best off with an 8x10 for a queen bed

A standard-sized rug at around 6x9 will offer plenty of length, but not the desired width needed to offer enough space on both sides of the bed. The next standard rug size up is an 8x10 rug, which will accommodate the queen frame and whatever furniture you place on either end of the bed. 

If you sleep on a full or twin-size bed, then a 6x9 will offer you the sizing needed to cover your desired surface area. 

Rugs Around the House 

Aside from bedrooms, rugs can be placed in a variety of different spaces around your home. There are some more obvious places like the living room. But lots of spaces in your home could benefit from rugs that you might not even realize. 

For example, runners are an amazing way to spruce up hallways or narrower parts of the home. A runner will give a high-traffic hallway or corridor some needed flourish. Tumble offers runners in two lengths: 7ft and 10ft.

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Runners also work great in kitchen spaces, and Tumble’s spillproof technology makes them a great fit for the mess of a kitchen. Smaller rugs also present creative solutions to small nooks of the house that you don’t want to crowd with furniture but are still in need of decoration. 

Various landings around the home can be enhanced with small 3x5’ statement rugs. While larger rug sizes are a great way to cover the bigger open floors in your home, smaller rugs and runners also pack a tremendous punch, giving your home a sense of completeness. 

Treat Yourself Like a King

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You deserve the right rug for your bedroom space- and that not only means the right size but a rug that you can wash whenever you need! 

If you have a king-size bed that takes up quite a bit of space in your bedroom, you’ll have to pair it with a large area rug that will inevitably need washing. A rug of 8x10’ or 9x12’ should do the trick. An 8x10’ rug will also work for a queen! 

If you have a smaller bed frame, like a twin or a full, then you can work with a 6x9’. Tumble also offers a variety of sizes that can help you furnish other parts of your home. For example, runners come in 7ft and 10ft options. All of these are simple to stick in the washing machine when needed! Remember, runners are a perfect statement for any hallway or pathway in your home and also an incredible way to bring that homey feeling to your floors. All of these options are sure to give your home a sense of warmth and familiarity and improve your space. 



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