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Why You Need a Spillproof Rug This Summer

| Team Tumble

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, summer is now in full swing and with it, an increase of outdoor activities. From backyard barbecues to weekend pool parties and every outdoor gathering you can imagine, summer offers the perfect opportunity to gather with loved ones while also enjoying sunny days and nights around the fire pit. 

But, for all the outdoor joys summertime brings it also brings an equal amount of stress on homeowners and renters who are hosting these events. As much as we may try, it’s never possible to keep dirt and debris outdoors. Chlorine-soaked towels drip after a long pool day, muddy feet stomp inside after a day running around the backyard, and even the most respectful guests track in outdoor elements when wiping their shoes on your entryway rug. 

After all of this, you’re often left with the exhausting task of cleaning your rugs either with heavy machinery or outsourcing a dry cleaners or other expensive cleaning company. So, this summer, stress less by investing in a spillproof and machine washable rug! More specifically, a washable and spillproof Tumble rug.

How We’re Different

At Tumble, we’re committed to providing rug styles designed to adapt to your lifestyle so that you don’t have to adapt your lifestyle to keep your rugs clean (and that’s the way it should be!). That’s why we’ve designed each of our washable rugs with not one, but two defenses against spills and stains. Double the protection, double the peace of mind!

1. Spillproof Rug Technology

The soft, low pile, and non-toxic surface of each of our spillproof rugs feels great underneath your feet and is designed to effortlessly fight against liquid spills. Rather than absorbing any liquid that reaches its surface, our spillproof rugs cause the liquid to bead up on top of the fabric so that it can be wiped away with ease!

2. Machine Washable Rug Structure

But, not all messes are the result of liquids and we know that. That’s why, in addition to the spillproof surface, each Tumble rug is designed with a machine washable rug structure that allows for hands-free cleaning. Simply pull the rug off the rug pad, throw it in the washing machine, and let air dry. Stains are now a thing of the past, and cleaning your rug is as easy as doing just one additional load of laundry!

Bonus: Cushioned Rug Pad & Unique Designs

We wouldn’t be able to say “we’re not like other washable rugs” as proudly as we do if we didn’t make it a point to go above and beyond when designing our collection of washable rugs. So, in addition to thinking about Tumble’s spillproof rug surface and machine washable rug structure, we spent time wondering what else our customers value. The answer: comfort and design. 

Your rug should feel as good underneath your feet and look as great in your home as it is at fighting stains. With every Tumble rug style, you’ll notice a blend of washable rug technology, sophisticated design style, and comfortable surfaces. The premium cushioned rug pad that lays underneath each Tumble rug provides an ultra-comfy barrier between your feet and the hard floor beneath it. So, you won’t need to sacrifice comfort for functionality. Additionally, each of the designs featured in our washable area rug collection are carefully crafted by our expert design team. These designers draw inspiration from all parts of the world, combining a variety of design motifs and influences to create rugs that are as beautiful as the rest of your home decor!

Washable Area Rug Styles For Summer

Ready to bring the comfort, efficiency, and design of Tumble into your own home this summer? Here are our current favorite washable area rugs this season!

Annika — Beige

boho rug

Shop the washable Annika rug

The sandy color palette of our new Annika washable rug instantly transports us to our favorite summer beach house! Accented with a crisp ivory tone and antique detailing this Boho rug is sure to evoke a sense of serenity and calmness in your home.

Amara — Coral/Blue

coastal rug

Nothing screams “summer” quite like the thought of beautiful ocean landscapes and our Amara spillproof rug is the perfect abstract representation of this. Deep blue tones blended with coral and ivory accents make this Traditional rug perfect for the home that embraces Coastal design style!

Hayden — Ivory/Slate

traditional rug

One of the pillars of summer design style which is seen year after year is the look of light and airy decor. Neutrals like bright whites and tans are often brought into a space to lighten up the area to give it a bright, sunny feel. The Hayden washable area rug is the perfect Neutral rug to brighten up a space! The light cream background of this rug is accented with light pinks and blues, bringing in just the right amount of color to elevate the rug style without overwhelming a space. 

Prism — Multi

contemporary rug

If neutral aesthetics aren’t quite your vibe, look to the alternative summer design style and go all-out with vibrant colors and patterns! The Prism spillproof rug harnesses nearly every color of the rainbow, making it the perfect decor piece to bring a playful, fun element into your home during the summer months!

Ready to invest in a spillproof and machine washable rug this summer? Start shopping now, or read more to find out which of our Tumble rugs customers love the most!

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