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Grey Rugs & Black Rugs

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A grey rug is a great, contemporary way to elevate your space while still keeping things neutral. A black rug is a classic and timeless way to use a neutral rug as a staple piece in your space. Our machine washable grey and black rug collection offers a variety of neutral rug designs perfect for bringing a darker design element into your home.

Sable - Silver/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Amara - Ash/Natural
$99.00 - $539.00
Canyon - Grey/Ivory
$99.00 - $539.00
Olivia - Ash/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Shiraz - Silver/Slate
$99.00 - $539.00
Juliet - Grey/Green
$99.00 - $539.00
Lisa - Grey/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Sena - Black/Ivory
$99.00 - $389.00
Hali - Grey/Neutral
$99.00 - $389.00
Petra - Silver
$99.00 - $389.00
Vienna - Graphite
$99.00 - $389.00
Lisa - Midnight
$99.00 - $539.00
Miro - Grey/White
$99.00 - $389.00
Cozy Fur - Grey
$99.00 - $349.00
Luna - Grey
$99.00 - $389.00

Can't Decide On a Design?

We're here to make rug shopping effortless. Whether you need help choosing a vibe, style, or size, we'd love to help!

About our Grey Rug Designs

Our grey rug designs offer Tumble’s classic spillproof and machine washable rug technology in a variety of design styles all centered around a neutral, grey rug color palette. A luxurious grey rug has the power to transform your space, tying together every design element and adding a depth to the space in a contemporary, unique way. Our grey rug designs perfectly balance the line between bright white rugs and dark black rugs while still providing beautiful grey rug options.

About Our Black Rug Designs

Our black rug designs add an artistic element to a classic staple rug. Often, people use a black rug to tie a space together in a subtle way, allowing the black rug to blend into the floor and remain unnoticed. At Tumble, our goal is to offer a high-quality, washable area rug that makes a statement every time.

What Design Style is Best to Pair With a Grey Rug?

From Persian to Traditional to Contemporary and everything in between, our grey rug collection features designs that complement most design styles. However, because Contemporary design style is rooted in neutral colors like charcoal and heather grey, we believe a grey rug is the best rug color to pair with Contemporary design style. A grey rug will work in perfect tandem with other contemporary decor pieces in your space.

Pet Friendly Black Rug Designs

Gone are the days of worrying about if your black rug is going to pick up every stray piece of hair your pet sheds. With Tumble’s machine washable rug technology, cleaning your black rug is as easy as throwing it in the laundry and walking away to let the machine do its thing. Now, the black rug you’ve chosen to be a staple, neutral piece will actually stay clean and luxurious.

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