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New Year, New Design Style: 6 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Space

New Year, New Design Style: 6 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Space

With the new year often comes the desire to bring a new energy into your lifestyle. Whether this is done through new years resolutions or some other sort of personal lifestyle change, the first of the year presents the perfect opportunity to implement new habits and routines. As we near the start of 2023, you may find yourself wanting to refresh your home’s design style. 

Here are our top six tips to easily refresh your design style this year: 

  • Invest in a new washable area rug
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Swap out throws and pillows
  • Hang new wall art
  • Upgrade your home’s signature scent
  • Replace linens and towels
spillproof washable rug

Invest In a New Washable Area Rug

We may be a little biased with this one, but investing in a new area rug is a game changer when looking to quickly refresh your home’s design style — bonus points if your rug of choice is machine washable! A washable area rug has the potential to completely transform the look of a room. For example, swapping out a neutral rug design for Persian or traditional rug styles instantly shifts the room’s atmosphere from crisp, clean minimalism to warm, homey, and traditional. Or, maybe you’re just looking to update your room with the seasons, therefore opting for washable area rugs with color palettes that work in tandem with the weather outside. In the spring, this may mean choosing a washable rug that features light pastels, whereas in the winter you may opt for a blue and white color palette.

At Tumble, we make it easy to refresh your area rug as often as your design style preferences change. With our extensive line of unique washable rug designs, you can effortlessly slide your current Tumble off the foam rug pad and replace it with a new design! If you’re looking to purchase just a new rug design, email for options on how to purchase a rug without purchasing a new rug pad.

Rearrange Your Furniture

As the focal point of a room, rearranging the furniture in your home is also an easy but effective way to refresh the look of the space. Even small changes like shifting the angle of your couch or rotating the position of your bed can give a room a completely new feel. 

When rearranging your room’s furniture, be sure to keep these few design style tips in mind:

  • Keep the room functional and accessible for the flow of your lifestyle
  • Choose one item to be the focal point and build around that piece (we recommend larger furniture pieces like beds, console tables, or couches!)
  • Open up small spaces with mirrors (large mirrors propped up against the wall or hanging mirrors installed as wall art are seamless ways to bring dimension into a small space!)

Swap Out Throws and Pillows

Throw blankets and pillows in living rooms and bedrooms are a great way to bring an artistic design element into your space. They’re also an easy way to update the design style of the space regularly! When curating your personal collection of lush throw blankets and fun throw pillows, we recommend choosing neutral colors and evergreen patterns that can be a staple year-round. 

To give the space a refresh every once in a while, start to build up a collection of seasonal designs, too: 

  • Spring — light pastels and floral patterns are great to breathe life into your home after a long, cold winter.
  • Summer — you can choose to go even bolder with your colors by bringing in accents of turquoise, yellow, or fuschia. Or, you can choose to accent according to summer holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day with reds, whites, and blues!
  • Fall — Start to bring warmer colors like oranges and reds into your space’s design style. Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed throw pillows and blankets are also a festive way to embrace the energy of fall holidays!
  • Winter — As the weather outside drops, consider mirroring the Winter Wonderland atmosphere with icy blues, bright whites, and silvers. Also, consider adding a few holiday-themed pillows or blankets to celebrate whichever winter holiday your family celebrates!

Hang New Wall Art

If you’re really looking to change things up in your home’s design style in 2023, consider updating your wall art. Whether you prefer beautiful framed prints, elegant painted canvases, or abstract wall sculptures, wall art is a necessary addition into any room in order to elevate the space. Sometimes, all you need to bring a new energy into your space is to change the art handing on the walls! Take inventory of the decor you’re currently displaying in your home and consider if the colors, patterns, and style of art still reflect your artistic and design style preferences.

Upgrade Your Home’s Signature Scent

Whether you prefer wax melts or candles, giving your home a signature scent is a hands-off way to create an ambiance that is completely unique to your home. If you haven’t decided on a signature scent for your space, 2023 may be a great opportunity to do so. Or, if you already have your go-to candle scent burning all day long and are in need of a refresh, the new year offers the perfect opportunity to swap out your current scent and replace it with a new one!

Replace Linens and Towels

Much like throw blankets and pillows, linens and towels are a subtle way to bring personality into your home. So, they also offer the perfect opportunity to update your space without making any permanent household changes! Kitchen towels, for example, are a great way to show off your personality. If you prefer an eclectic, funky design style, maybe you choose a few kitchen hand towels with quirky quotes or phrases. On the other hand, if your design style is more minimalistic, maybe you choose kitchen towels that are one solid color, aligned with the color palette of the rest of your home’s decor. 

Upgrading bedroom linens can also be a great way to add a fresh look to the spaces in your home. Even if it’s something as simple as buying a new set of bed sheets (even if it’s in the same color palette), the crisp newness of an updated set will instantly refresh the space!

Looking to bring a completely new design style into your home during 2023? Check out our five easy tips to find your own personal design style here!