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4 Tips on How To Style a Daybed

| Team Tumble

Whether you’re looking to create more bedding options in the home, or are seeking a comfortable nook for afternoon reading, a daybed will prove to be a valuable interior design addition. However, styling a daybed takes some effort so we’ve put together four tips on how to mindfully design the newest addition to your home. 

1. Curate a Color Palette 

Let’s begin with color. Is your daybed going to function as a breathing space amidst a colorful and plant-filled living room? Or, perhaps it offers up vibrancy and patterns in the corner of a more neutral-oriented space? Regardless of where your daybed is placed, consider how you want it to function aesthetically with the interior design of the room.

Selecting a color palette can feel difficult, especially if you are looking to branch out from the existing colors in the room, or are using a new design element to transform the space. Whether you are looking to seamlessly incorporate your daybed into the existing design space, or are starting fresh with new colors, it’s generally helpful to select three colors and go from there. With two neutral colors and one accent color, you will have endless options to choose from. 

An effective way to build a seamless transition between your daybed and existing design space is through a rug. While that might come as a surprise, there’s no better way to create a subtle, yet impactful transition, than through a rug. 

Whether you’re looking to weave together neutrals with accent colors or make a statement as vibrant as your new daybed, a rug is an effortless way to introduce a new theme into a room without taking up space. 

Tumble’s artisan rugs offer dozens of exclusive designs that merge timeless patterns with a contemporary twice. Plus, Tumble’s rugs are spillproof and machine-washable, which means you don’t have to worry about your pets or children falling in love with the new daybed space you’ve created. 

2. Begin With Neutral Pillows, Then Accent

Pillows are everything when it comes to styling a daybed. Without pillows, what good is a daybed anyways? One of the best parts about introducing a daybed into your space is the opportunity to incorporate new textures, colors, and designs into an existing interior design scheme. Just like incorporating a rug underneath the daybed is a seamless way to offer transition, beginning your daybed design with neutral pillows is the way to go. 

Start with several pillows of the same color palette, but offering varied sizes. These neutral pillows should, however, be larger than your accent pillows. Once you’ve selected and placed your neutral pillows, you can begin incorporating a variety of accent pillows. Here’s where you can really have fun with new textures, vibrant colors, and even vintage patterns. Your neutral pillows will play on your accent pillows, giving them each a design element to respond to. 

3. Create Comfort With a Stylish Throw

A good bed always has a blanket, but a stylish throw is another design element that really cinches your aesthetic as a whole. A stylish throw can double as a blanket for an afternoon nap, or a snuggled evening by the fire, but should offer something aesthetic to your overall daybed design. 

What makes a throw important is how you style it: select one of your accent colors and find a throw in that colorway. Again, weaving in your colors from the floor daybed is critical if you’re looking to create a seamless look across your designed space. You can gently fold and place your throw diagonally across the daybed, which gives the impression that the throw is ready to be unwrapped, but is also there to be woven into the design aesthetic. 

Most importantly, be sure that your throw is connected to the design of your rug. With the rug underneath your daybed providing an aesthetic foundation, it’s important to connect the blanket’s patterns and colors with that foundation. Weaving colors and textures throughout the entire design space will create a cohesive and seamless experience. 

4. Supporting Your Daybed With a Strong Foundation

There’s nothing more important when it comes to design elements than building a design through every part of your living space. With a daybed, it’s no different. Consider your design elements from top to bottom: you’ve added base pillows, accent pillows, and a stylish throw or two to create a cohesive moment within the daybed. 

But, what about connecting the bed with the rest of your space? That’s where a rug comes in to tie it all together. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a pattern, or are in search of a more understated neutral design, Tumble has a design for every home and every color palette. 

One of these most important things to consider when picking out a rug to go with your daybed is the sizing of the rug. Make sure that you are considering a rug that is large enough to completely surround the daybed, but not one that is so large that the daybed feels disproportionate to the rug’s surface area. Selecting a rug that is either  5’ x 7’ or 6’ x 9’ will help you fill the area below and around the daybed, without competing with other rugs that might be in the space. 

The Bottom Line

Daybeds have grown in popularity over recent years for a number of reasons. With shifting priorities about how living rooms function, to entertainment being brought into the home environment, a daybed is a must for anyone who loves to have friends and family over. Not only that, but a daybed is a comfortable, yet sleek, way to incorporate additional bedding into your home space. 

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