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How To Style a Console Table

| Team Tumble

There are several ways to style a console table, and a lot of them depend on where your console table is located. Whether you’re thinking about introducing a piece of furniture into an entryway, or are transforming an existing console table in a living room space, it’s critical to build elements together to create a cohesive interior design. 

If you’re feeling unsure of how to style a console stable, keep reading for a concise overview of how to incorporate varying design elements, develop and implement a consistent color scheme, and create a stand-out console table that is timeless and curated. 

Elevating First Impressions

It might be easy to write off a console table as just another tabletop in your home. But, what would it look like for you to consider your entryway or living console table as an opportunity to highlight your home’s interior design?

What if you reframed the console table as a high-impact vignette, a space to curate specific, yet utilitarian, design elements to make a memorable impression?

Though this might sound like a daunting task, it’s really just about reevaluating how you are going about designing functional pieces. Building from the ground up and tracing each element in the console table is at the heart of intentional design. This isn’t just about throwing together components that could look good together, it’s about selecting and curating a vignette that tells a story about your home.  

Where Is Your Console Table Located?

There are many areas in the home where your console table can be located. Depending on whether it is in the entryway, living room, or a hallway between rooms will determine (to some extent) how you are going to style it. Let’s start with styling the console table in the entryway.

The Entryway Console Table   

Your home’s entryway is the first impression that any guest, friend, or family member gets of your living space. What kind of statement do you want to make with your interior design? Think about your intentions with your entryway: do you want to establish a crisp, modern look, a funky maximalist aesthetic, or a casual-yet-elevated space where children, pets, and guests alike can make themselves at home? Whatever your intentions are, it’s always possible to build in an elevated design.

Begin with grounding your console table through elements on the ground, including baskets, ground lighting, or rugs. There are two ways you can approach grounding your entryway console table through a rug: either by placing it squarely atop a well-fitted rug or by nesting it against a wall with an entryway runner in front of it. 

Our rugs are perfect for any aesthetic and come in a myriad of sizes and exclusive designs that can be easily washed in the comfort of your own home. If a runner is more appropriate for your entryway size, consider one that offers an aesthetic grounding point through neutral colors, patterns, and textures. 

Keep it clean and sleek with an entryway table; evaluate what you really want on the console table and what kind of impression you want to make. Lighting, an understated tray for keys, and fresh flowers offer room for personality to shine through without giving a cluttered impression.

The Living Room Console Table 

If your console table is located in your living room, it may prioritize different design elements than one located in the entryway. The grounding point for your console table may be a larger living room rug, plants, or woven baskets. Fresh flowers, crisp candles, and oversized art books can always be incorporated as a timeless design element. 

One of the most important components to note about styling a living room console table is really designing throughout the entire table. Building from the ground up, work your way through each element and build connections with other components of your living room. 

Are you in need of some subtle storage for media devices? Is greenery a priority? Perhaps you are an audiophile and your living room console houses high-quality speakers or instruments. Whatever the main component of your console table is, figuring out creative and intentional ways to highlight its use is part of the excitement in design. 

Connecting the Console to Your Home Aesthetic

We’ve already discussed how a console table is an opportunity for you to showcase the theme of your home, and introduce guests to your interior design commitments. Most importantly, a console table is a vignette, or a small and intentional example, of how your home space is designed. 

There’s no better way to highlight a vignette than with a stage, and that stage can be set by a beautiful runner laid in front of your console table. Tumble offers a hand-picked selection of unique designs crafted onto nontoxic rugs that look as effortless as they feel. The best part? Tumble designs are all spillproof and machine washable so that you never have to worry about house guests tracking in dirt, or excited pets ruining your entryway aesthetic. 

Once the stage has been set, really take some time to consider how you might build out your console table. We’ve discussed the different design elements that might be incorporated into your console table, but taking a quick journey through your home to gather ideas might be helpful. Are you a plant person? Art collector? Do you blend minimalism and maximalism together effortlessly? Let your console table highlight what your home’s interior design is all about. 

The Bottom Line

Styling a console table is more than just placing disparate objects atop a table. A console table is a first impression, a vignette for careful curation, and an opportunity to showcase a statement piece or art object. With a console table, you can incorporate style and function by seamlessly blending together the table’s use value with interior design commitments. 

Whether your console table is located in your home’s entryway or living room, select objects carefully, and build from the ground up. How will you display your home’s style on your console table? 


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