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Design Tips From a Professional: Fall Design Trends

| Team Tumble

The last time Tumble designer Kerri Besse shared her expertise with us, she teased upcoming fall design trends. Included in these trends were neutral colors, rich textiles, and minimalistic-inspired decor. Now, as we reach mid-November, we have an even better sense of what design styles are trending this fall. 

From rich, Earthy colors to ultra-luxurious fabrics, and everything in between, this season is all about comfort. Nothing screams “fall” more than the desire to curl up in a cozy atmosphere, and this year’s fall design trends are reflecting exactly that. This fall, bring a sense of warmth into your home with Kerri’s design tips and Tumble’s extensive washable rug collection.

What design styles are trending this fall?

neutral washable rug

Colors: This fall is all about neutral, Earthy tones. Light tans and browns paired with mossy greens are replacing the vibrant ruby red and terracotta color palette of summer, switching this season’s tone to one of tranquility and peace. As the temperature continues to drop, this year’s fall design trends are encouraging you to invite natural warmth into your home. 

Patterns: This fall, patterns are everything! Some of the most commonly seen trending patterns this season include botanical-inspired prints, Ikats (an Indonesian dyeing technique), broken stripes and plaids, bold geometrics (to match the high contrast of black & white), and an abstract twist on zebra print. We are also seeing a lot of “pattern blocking” as opposed to “color blocking” this season, which is the mixing and matching of unexpected patterns. Pro tip: you can bring pattern blocking into your own home by placing two different designs from Tumble’s washable rug collection in adjacent rooms!

Fabrics and Textures: The Earthy inspiration continues in this season’s trending fabrics and textures. Natural fabrics and materials like linen, wood, raw silk, velvet, and wool work in perfect tandem with fall’s neutral color palette. Plus, we’re seeing a lot of designers accent rooms with slightly bolder textures like green metal accents (especially in the kitchen and dining areas) and hand-painted textiles.

Which Tumble washable rugs are
best to complement these design trends? 

best washable rug for fall

There are several ways to utilize Tumble’s washable rugs to bring this season’s design trends into your home. A common misconception is that you should only place one large rug in each room of your home. I’m here to argue that’s not the case! Instead, focus your design style around one larger sized rug and complement it with smaller area rugs. This is a great way to bring depth into the look of the room. 

For your larger sized statement rug, I recommend the Sable washable rug in Green/Multi. This intricate Southwestern and vintage-inspired rug design is the perfect example of utilizing this fall’s Earthy, neutral color palette. With its rich greens blended with neutral tans, the Sable is guaranteed to bring a balance of warmth and tranquility into your space. To complement the Sable, I recommend washable rugs like Petra in Wheat or Vienna in Taupe. Both of these rugs are primarily solid, neutral colors. Because of this, they won’t distract from your statement rug, but will instead enhance its eye-catching qualities!

Which design style would you recommend to someone who is looking to create a warm, cozy atmosphere?

farmhouse traditional washable rug

For a cozy atmosphere, I would recommend Traditional Farmhouse or Simple Scandinavian as a starting point for selecting inspiration images for your home. 

The Traditional Farmhouse space would have distressed rugs in deeper colors, sentimental wall art, pillows with minimal texture like raw silk, wooden boxes or baskets or upholstered benches and ottomans for storage, and patterned throw blankets. The color and pattern comes from your washable rug which is grounding the space. All other accents in the room are more tonal and subtle.

The Scandinavian space would be rooted in clean lines, patterned solid rugs, textural pillows (either solid or stripes and plaids), minimal wall art, soft fabric baskets for storage, and leather sofas and chairs. Wood accents in the home and faux fur bring in additional warmth and coziness.

Which Tumble washable rugs are best to complement the Traditional Farmhouse design style? 

traditional washable rug

As discussed in a previous blog, Traditional design intends to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in the home, which is exactly in line with what this year’s fall design trends intend to do as well. The most important thing to remember if you’re looking to bring Traditional design into your home is to focus on intricate patterns and deep, rich colors that evoke a sense of welcoming and warmth.

There are several Tumble washable rugs that reflect Traditional design style and would be great to bring into your home this fall. The Olivia washable rug in Ash/Multi, for example, perfectly harnesses the neutral, Earthy color palette that is so popular this season. The Hayden washable rug in Ruby/Natural, despite being more similar to summer’s trending color palette than fall’s, is a great example of those intricate patterns that are perfect for Traditional Farmhouse design style. The Azra washable rug in Ash/Natural combines the best of both worlds and mirrors the intricate design of the Hayden while staying true to the natural color palette of fall. 

Which Tumble washable rugs are best to complement the Simple Scandinavian design style?

scandinavian design style

Scandinavian design, on the other hand, strays away from intricate designs and is rooted in clean lines, minimal patterns, and a space devoid of clutter. Tumble’s Tabor washable rug in Natural/Ash harnesses this design style in the most literal way with its light color palette and barely-there, subtle geometric pattern. 

Occasionally, Scandinavian design style leans on folk-inspired patterns to elevate the otherwise clean and minimalistic look. The Taos washable rug in Neutral maintains the white and gray color palette of both Scandinavian design style and this year’s fall design trends, while also adding a pop of personality with its simple geometric-based pattern. Even further detailed is the Maya washable rug in Ivory/Neutral which stays true to the Scandinavian design style with its simple color palette, but dives deeper into the world of bold patterns with its Persian motifs.

If you’re looking for a more personalized consultation regarding your home’s design style and how to utilize a Tumble washable rug to enhance this style, you can set up a direct  complimentary — consultation with Kerri here!

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