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Design Tips From a Professional: Renter-friendly Design Tips and More

| Team Tumble

Last month, Tumble designer Kerri Besse shared her tips and recommendations for summer design style. In that blog, we also covered the best ways to style your home’s open concept floor plan. This month, we’re focusing on smaller, more temporary spaces. From students living in temporary dorm rooms to those of us renting our first apartments or homes, it can be difficult to find ways to personalize your space without permanently altering the landlord’s property. Fortunately, Kerri is here to recommend a few ways to temporarily elevate your space’s design. 

Plus, as September nears its end and temperatures begin to drop, we’re teasing a look ahead at what design trends you can expect to see this fall and in next month’s Design Tips From A Professional blog! 

How can someone personalize their space without committing to permanent, long-term changes?

One aspect of Tumble that I LOVE is how easy they are to take with you when you move. As a renter, we know that you may only be in your current space for a one-year lease. Tumble’s washable rug covers fold nicely and the rug pads are puzzle pieces that fit together and come apart easily when it’s time to move!

For smaller apartments, I would recommend checking on the size of your washer/dryer before making your purchase as an 8x10’ may not fit into smaller units. In terms of design, a rug can make a lot of impact in a space when you are not able to paint the walls. Your rug can be the

main focal point which would also minimize the amount of wall art you will have to hang — causing minimal damage to the walls of your rental. Minimal wall art is a mainstay in Scandinavian Design. Great rugs to pair with white walls would be the Sable Silver/Multi or the Canyon Grey/Ivory!

Additional tips: I DO love peel and stick wallpaper! Particularly if you have stairs in your rental. You can find peel and stick stair riser decals on Etsy! I also love the idea of long wall shelves which allow for more items to be on display without creating a lot of holes in the walls.

Which Tumble rug design are you loving this month?

best washable rug

I LOVE the subtlety of the berry/wine colors in the Azra Ivory/Berry rug. This small accent of color can really tie a room together. Pairing this rug in a room with a cream sofa and solid wine-colored pillows would be gorgeous! It is a nice offering for those looking for a neutral rug that still has a subtle design.

Which color palette pairs best with this design?

best washable rug

Pulling in the berry/wine tones is nice, but not necessary. With versatile color options and a traditional center medallion design, the Azra traditional rug collection is sure to sit beautifully in any room. Antique distressing adds to the timelessness of this collection. Very subtle accents of light rose and wine can be found in the motifs and borders, so soft tones of light and dark cream with touches of ivory pair well with this rug. 

What style of decor should be included in the same space as this rug to compliment it?

best washable rug

This rug is very versatile. You can place it in light or dark interiors as well as in modern OR traditional homes! I see our traditional rug assortment designed to fit into a lot of different home styles. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say I love this rug BEST in rustic, farmhouse, and traditional homes paired with accents of dried botanicals, antiqued/distressed wood, and small-scale striped pillows.

Looking ahead to fall, which Tumble rugs should consumers purchase to prepare for the upcoming season’s design trends?

best washable rug

A few years ago when I went to the Maison Objet show in Paris I saw this trend of jewel-toned, crushed velvet everything! Now, this trend is still relevant, except the velvets are tufted or flat with no flocking or crushed texture added and the jewel tones are paired with neutrals such as beige and the silvery gray found in the Maya Silver/Multi.

Taking this same design, the Maya but in the Ocean/Beige colorway, this is another trend we are seeing for fall, which is minimal décor with a bolder rug. The boldness of the rug infuses a room with someone’s personal sense of style. Keeping the rest of the room minimal allows the rug to stand center stage as the main focal point!

If you’re looking for a more personalized consultation regarding your home’s design style and how to utilize a Tumble washable rug to enhance this style, you can set up a direct  complimentary — consultation with Kerri here!

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