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8 Fall Washable Rugs Built For Trick or Treating

| Team Tumble

Each year, as October 31st nears, most children have only one thing on their minds: Halloween. While our little ones search for the perfect costume and daydream about the pillowcase full of candy that they’ll bring home at the end of the holiday, parents may be preoccupied with another thought: just how many little sneakers will be tracking mud up to the front door this Halloween?

Now, we know you’re just as excited about costumes and candy as your little ones are. But, we also know that with any holiday comes a valid amount of stress about tidying up your home both before and after guests arrive. Halloween in particular is a holiday centered around doorbells ringing and the coming and going of several eager children with their trick or treat bags held wide open. It’s almost inevitable that your entryway rug may fall victim to the dirt and debris that little feet may leave behind. 

Fortunately, Tumble has the best washable rug solution for you!

Tumble’s washable rugs are made with two lines of defense against stains: a unique spillproof material and a machine washable structure. Tumble’s hypoallergenic polyester material forces liquid spills to bead up on top of the rug, rather than sink into and stain the fabric. As a result, wiping away surface-level spills could not be easier! 

But, in an instance like Halloween night, wiping away small spills and messy footprints in between each trick or treater isn’t very plausible. After all, you want to enjoy your time passing out candy to all those smiling faces rather than worrying about wiping up messes! Tumble’s machine washable rug structure is the perfect remedy. 

The thin rug design easily detaches from the cushioned rug pad underneath and can be thrown into your washing machine at the end of the night. One delicate cycle with standard laundry detergent (free of bleach or fabric softener) later, and your Tumble will look brand new!

At Tumble, our goal is to make caring for your washable rugs a breeze, that way you can focus on the moments that truly matter in life — like how you’re going to convince your little ones that they don’t need to eat all of their candy on Halloween night. So, if you’re looking for a new, kid-friendly washable rug for your entryway this fall, here are our top eight picks.

Pro tip: The 3x5’ machine washable rug size from Tumble is perfect for filling your entryway.

Sedona — Terracotta/Multi

best washable rug for fall

The deep and medium toned terracotta color of this rug, blended with hints of navy and blush, make it the perfect autumnal addition to your foyer. Inspired by Southwestern and traditional motifs, the Sedona Terracotta/Multi washable rug will bring just enough warmth into your home to welcome the early days of the season.

Rey — Ivory/Terracotta

best washable rug for fall

Looking for a washable rug that has just a splash of that burnt orange autumnal color? The Rey Ivory/Terracotta rug utilizes deep terracotta fabric set against a lighter ivory background, bringing a bit of a lighter essence to your entryway. Plus, the detailed accents of brown, coffee, and taupe colors add an earthy essence that perfectly complements the changing of the leaves outside. 

Maya — Brick/Multi

best washable rug for fall

Make a bold first impression on any of your guests this fall season with the Maya Brick/Multi washable rug from Tumble. A design that blends Southwestern influence with Persian motifs, this deep wine colored rug is sure to invoke a sense of welcoming warmth the moment someone steps through your front door.

Paloma — Ivory/Terracotta

best washable rug for fall

The Southwestern-inspired geometric pattern of the Paloma Ivory/Terracotta washable rug is perfect for adding vibrant design to your entryway. This terracotta-based color palette, mixed with hints of grey, light sand, and deep espresso brown, is an eye-catching statement piece that is sure not to go unnoticed this fall.

Paloma — Red/Multi

best washable rug for fall

Looking for something that’s even more eye-catching than the Paloma Ivory/Terracotta Tumble? The Paloma Red/Multi harnesses the same bold geometric pattern but in a more show-stopping color palette. A deep orange joins with the terracotta and brown colors, resulting in a rug that shows off all of the best colors of autumn.

Olivia — Ash/Multi

neutral washable rug

If you’re the kind of person who prefers vibrant decor pieces, you may be looking for a neutral entryway rug. The Olivia Ash/Multi is made with a primarily grey and ivory fabric, but still includes hints of burnt orange and light gold to complement your fall home decor. Plus, the hand drawn floral motifs will bring a warm sense of tradition to your foyer!

Vienna — Taupe

neutral washable rug

Looking for something that’s even more neutral than the Olivia Ash/Multi? The Vienna Taupe washable rug is a beautiful warm beige color on top of a taupe background to create a tonal look. The antique distressing and African-inspired textiles makes this rug elegant and timeless.

Sena — Sand/Multi

geometric washable rug

The Sena Sand/Multi washable rug is the perfect playful piece to welcome all your little trick or treaters this Halloween! The modern linework and geometric designs makes this kid-friendly washable rug feel like it’s something out of a modern coloring book. When paired with the pops of color throughout the rug, this Tumble is equal parts youthful and elegant.

FAQs to help you care for your Tumble this Halloween:

How do I wash my Tumble?

  1. Place the rug into a washing machine with stains facing outwards. 
  2. Wash cold on a delicate cycle using standard laundry detergent. (Do not use detergent that contains bleach or fabric softener.) 
  3. Tumble dry on low heat. Alternatively, hang dry. 

Do all Rug sizes fit into a washing machine?

Yes, all of our rugs are machine washable and can fit in a standard washer: 

  • Runners (2.5 x 7' and 2.5 x 10') and 3 x 5' can fit in a 2.2 cubic foot washer 
  • 5 x 7' 6 x 9' and 8 x 10' can fit into a 3.8 cubic foot washer.

Note: Only the Tumble Rug is machine washable. The Rug Pad can be cleaned with soap and water.

Can I vacuum my Tumble?

Yes, you can vacuum your Tumble on the lowest setting (without use of a beater brush). Avoid vacuuming the sewn edges of the rug. We don't recommend using autonomous robot vacuums as they've been known to damage the rug's edges.

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