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7 People You Should Gift a Tumble Washable Rug to This Holiday Season

| Team Tumble

At Tumble, we believe in blending style with functionality, which is why our machine washable rugs are perfect for so many different people. Whether your loved one is a connoisseur in home decor or they’re a college student looking for something to fit into their busy lifestyle, we guarantee there’s a Tumble washable rug that will make the perfect gift this holiday season!

Here are 7 people you should gift a Tumble Washable Rug to this Holiday Season:

  • The Home Decor Expert
  • The Aspiring Chef
  • The New Parents
  • The Animal Lover
  • The College Student
  • The Busy Host/Hostess
  • Yourself!
neutral rugs

The Home Decor Expert

At Tumble, our goal is to do more than just provide you with a high-quality machine washable rug. We want to create a product that is not only functional, but fits your design style as well. Fortunately, our highly skilled team of designers excels in blending luxury with functionality and has created an extensive line of home-decor-expert-approved washable area rugs. Regardless of your loved one’s design style preferences, there’s a washable rug perfect for them! Not sure which design to choose? Here are our top Tumble recommendations for each design style:

kitchen washable rug

The Aspiring Chef

The beauty of a Tumble washable rug is its unique two-step line of defense against stains. With its spillproof technology and machine washable rug structure, our rugs are perfect for the Aspiring Chef in your life who spends most of their free time in the kitchen! The unique spillproof exterior of our washable rugs causes spilled liquids and other messes to bead up on top of the fabric, rather than absorbing into the material. As a result, small messes are quickly cleaned up with the swipe of a towel across the surface.

Plus, when your kitchen area rug needs a little more love, Tumbles are easily tossed into a washing machine for hassle-free cleaning. So, help the Aspiring Chef in your life spend less time worrying about stains in the kitchen and more time concocting the perfect recipes for their portfolio!

kid friendly rug

The New Parents

We know that the New Parents in your life have probably spent several hours decorating the perfect nursery for their little one. But, one thing that may still be a concern is how they’re going to prevent the inevitable stains and spills from ruining their carefully curated decor collection. Make life a bit easier for them this holiday season with the gift of one of Tumble’s many kids and nursery rugs.

The unique spillproof and machine washable rug structure of a Tumble makes it the perfect kid friendly rug for a nursery or playroom. Not only will mom or dad be grateful for a hassle-free cleanup, but the easily washable rug will keep its design looking great for years to come — making it the perfect piece to grow along with their child. Plus, the foam rug pad underneath will make this particular piece of decor extra cushiony under little feet!

pet friendly rug

The Animal Lover

Our washable rugs are as pet friendly as they are kid friendly! For the Animal Lover in your life with lots of furry friends, help them elevate their interior design style while still keeping the house pet friendly. The spillproof material of our washable rugs combats against pet accidents (which is great for the new puppies they’re bringing home!) while the machine washable rug structure keeps things fresh and clean.

spillproof rug

The College Student

Let’s face it, the last thing on a college student’s mind is how to keep their dorm room clean. We get it, which is why we think the perfect gift for the College Student in your life is a Tumble washable rug. The 5x7’’ size will make any Tumble the perfect washable area rug to add a touch of warmth to their dorm. A classic contemporary rug like the Ogee in Denim or a neutral rug like the Petra in Navy is simple enough to blend seamlessly into their busy lifestyle while still offering an alternative to the cold tile floors of most dorm rooms. The best part? When it starts to get dirty, your College Student can toss their Tumble into the laundry for a hands-off cleaning experience!

washable area rug

The Busy Host/Hostess

We all have that one friend or family member who just loves to host dinner parties, holidays, and every event under the sun at their home. But, we may not have thought about how much cleaning goes into each event before and after the party. With several people mingling around your home comes several shoes tracking in dirt, leaves, and other debris from outside. So, rather than let the Busy Host/Hostess in your life watch their favorite rugs slowly deteriorate over time, offer them the gift of a Tumble washable rug this holiday season!

With its machine washable rug structure, your loved one can easily toss their Tumble into the washing machine after each event to combat any messes that may have occurred. Plus, the unique spillproof technology means guests are free to roam the house with their wine glasses and hors d'oeuvres without fear of an accidental spill causing a permanent stain!

washable kitchen runner


While you’re busy holiday shopping for your friends and family this holiday season, don’t forget to take a minute to treat yourself, too. Whether you’ve been planning to upgrade your home decor for a while or you simply stumbled upon a Tumble design you like while shopping for someone else, we believe one of our washable rugs is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season!

Can’t decide between several of our washable rug designs? A Tumble gift card works as the perfect gift as well! Give your loved one the opportunity to browse our collection themselves and choose a rug that’s right for them.

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