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Where to Put a Runner Rug | Style Guide

| Team Tumble

When looking into purchasing a rug for your home, one rug style that is often overlooked is the runner rug. A runner is a long, narrow rug that has all the benefits of adding a rug to a room without taking up too much space. At Tumble, we offer runners in two lengths: 7 foot and 10 foot. 

In one of our previous blogs, Tumble designer Kerri Besse recommended runner rugs for open-concept floor plans. “If you are afraid you may tire of a boldly colored patterned rug, we recommend purchasing a runner, 3x5', or 5x7' in these designs to bring some color into your space,” she says. 

In addition to adding a pop of color without becoming too overwhelming, runners are also great for connecting your spaces, adding an interesting visual element to narrow spaces, and bringing comfort into small rooms. But, the long, narrow shape of a runner can sometimes leave people confused on how best to style it in their homes.

In August, we shared our tips on how to bring different sized rugs into your space. This month, we want to dive even deeper into the best way to bring a runner into your home: 


kitchen runner

Don’t get us wrong, we love our quaint and cozy kitchens and kitchenettes. But, it can be hard to add a touch of personal decor in such a small space. Because of the slim design, runners perfectly fit in narrow kitchens and small kitchenettes while still making the place feel more welcoming and slightly larger. Plus, the spillproof surface, cushioned foam pad, and washable design means you can use a Tumble runner in your kitchen without worrying about spills or messes!  

Best placement: Parallel to your kitchen sink and cabinetry.


hallway runner

Hallways are often neglected when it comes to interior decorating. Because the space is usually so tight and narrow, many people think there aren’t many options when it comes to decor. That’s where a runner rug comes in handy. Runners are designed specifically with narrow spaces in mind, which makes them the go-to piece to elevate even the most overshadowed portion of your house. Plus, Tumble runners are designed specifically with these heavily-trafficked areas in mind, due to their easily washable construction. 

Best placement: Running longways down any hallway in your home!


entryway runner

Unless your home has a large foyer, you probably have a similar mindset about your entryway that you do about your hallways. Entryways have commonly become accepted as small, cramped spaces. Fortunately, runner rugs allow you to open the space up without actually having to do any construction on your home. Placing a runner in your entryway makes the space feel longer than it really is, thus relieving you of the tight, cramped feeling. Alternatively, a 3x5’ can also be used for smaller entry ways.

Best placement: Perpendicular to the wall your front door is on, running into your home.


bedroom runner
Although we’ve previously mentioned using large area rugs in the bedroom, we also believe runner rugs can be a great option as well! If you’re looking to add just a pop of color rather than saturating your entire floor, we recommend placing a runner rug on either side of the bed. Additionally, you can place the runner at the foot of the bed to anchor the piece of furniture and create a focal point in the room.

Best placement: Parallel to the length of your bed (for two runners) or parallel to the width of your bed (for one runner).

Dorm Rooms

Whether you’re in college yourself or sending a child off to school, many of us can relate to the frustration of having a too-small dorm room. The way many dorms are structured makes the room long and narrow rather than wide and spacious. Plus, dorms have become infamous for feeling cold and impersonal. Adding a runner rug atop the room’s generic tile flooring is the perfect solution to not only add some personality to the space, but to also add a layer of comfort when walking around the room. 

Best placement: Parallel to the long side of your bed. If you’re sharing a room with a roommate, placing the runner down the center of the room between the two beds is a great way to tie both spaces together!

If you still have questions about how to choose the perfect runner for your home, or if a different rug size may be better, visit our size guide here

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