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What Makes a Rug Style Bohemian?

| Team Tumble

In October, we dove into the origins of Traditional design style and how best to incorporate it into your home’s interior design. Traditional design style relies on luxurious designs, rich colors, and bold patterns. In some ways, Bohemian design style is very similar to traditional design. If you’re looking to take the vivid elements of Traditional design one step further, the Bohemian design style may be what you’re looking for. 

Anchored by the mantra “more is more,” Bohemian design style does not hold back when it comes to choosing colors, patterns, and textures. In fact, this design style even encourages blending design elements that may not necessarily match but somehow still work together. In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the origins of Bohemian design style, the best elements to accent a Bohemian rug with, and which machine washable rug from Tumble is best if you’re looking to bring Bohemian design into your home!

What is Bohemian Design?

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During the 1960s and ’70s, the fashion and design world began to see an influx in people gravitating toward the Bohemian design style. During a time when free-spirited individuals were advocating for change and carefree lifestyles, they were also revolutionizing the design industry. The Bohemian design style trends that became popular during this time continue to be seen in many design choices today, more than six decades later.

The Bohemian design style is rooted in the notion that design should be an expression of oneself rather than adhering to strict rules. Because of this, many Bohemian designs incorporate a multitude of colors, bold mix-and-match patterns, and an eclectic collection of textures.Those who have a preference for Bohemian design style often live by the mantra, “more is more” which is reflected clearly in the lively, vibrant interior design choices.

Bohemian design style also doesn’t shy away from blending inspiration from various cultures. In Tumble’s Bohemian machine washable rug collection specifically, you’ll notice motifs and inspiration from other design styles like Southwestern, Persian, and Traditional. It’s the overt and confident blend of these designs that gives Bohemian rug styles a unique look, instantly transforming a space into one that is loud, carefree, and fun.

How to Style a Bohemian Rug:

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Embrace organic accents: A core pillar of Bohemian design style is incorporating organic elements into your space. Decor pieces like natural wood furniture and oversized house plants will bring in the lively, organic atmosphere that the Bohemian design style strives to embrace. 

Don’t be afraid of layering: As previously mentioned, the Bohemian design style lives by the ideal that more is more. So, don’t be afraid to bring in an excess of design elements into your space, including layering. Layering pieces like area rugs and throw blankets will add depth and dimension into your space while also elevating the homey, welcoming atmosphere that the Bohemian design style often encourages.

Let the rug be a statement: In some design styles, it is common for an area rug to be used to subtly tie together a space without drawing too much attention. In Bohemian design style, however, you’ll want your area rug to become a statement piece. At Tumble, we’re proud to offer an extensive line of Bohemian machine washable rugs that are perfect for your new design style. Whether you’re layering this rug atop or under a secondary area rug or you’re letting it stand on its own, we guarantee there’s a Bohemian machine washable rug in Tumble’s collection that’s perfect for you! Note: if you’re layering a Tumble underneath another rug, it is important to remember that only the Tumble surface is machine washable. 

Mix and match everything: When bringing in a collection of decor pieces, there is often a misconception that every item needs to perfectly match. For some design styles, this is the case. But, Bohemian design style encourages mixing and matching patterns, textures, and colors. Once again leaning on the mindset that more is more, don’t be afraid to combine a variety of styles and elements when decorating with your Bohemian rug!

Decorate with knitted pieces: Similar to the natural wood and organic pieces mentioned above, decorating with knitted elements is a great way to embrace the natural, organic feel of Bohemian design style. Wall art like macrame hangings, knitted baskets, woven throw blankets, and throw pillows with knit tassels add to the warm, welcoming atmosphere while also aligning with the organic, eclectic nature of Bohemian design style. 

Infuse color everywhere: You may have already caught onto this trend, but we can’t reiterate enough how important it is to embrace a vibrant color palette when decorating with your Bohemian rug. Bohemian design style is largely identified by the way it is not afraid to bring color into a space. The color palette you choose should be bold, vibrant, and reflect your personality and design style preferences!

Bohemian Rug Styles From Tumble’s Machine Washable Rug Collection:

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Tumble’s machine washable rugs are designed to make your life easier by making the cleaning process of your rug stress-free while also accommodating your design style preferences. That’s why we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of Bohemian rugs that are not only on-trend but also created with our unique spillproof and machine washable rug technology. 

Our Bohemian rugs like Sedona and Sable embrace the vibrant colors and bold patterns often associated with the Bohemian design style. Other Bohemian machine washable rugs like Canyon and Taos reflect the way Bohemian design style tends to pull inspiration from other cultures with its Southwestern-inspired motifs. Regardless of which Bohemian rug design you prefer, we know there is a machine washable rug in Tumble’s collection that’s perfect for you!

Are you looking for a more personalized recommendation on how to bring Traditional style into your home? Our designer Kerri Besse wants to help! Visit the Ask A Designer page on our website to schedule your consultation today.

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