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Design Tips From a Professional: Winter Design Trends

Design Tips From a Professional: Winter Design Trends

As we reach the middle of December and near the end of the year, many of us may be considering refreshing the interior design style of our homes. The new year always brings with it the energy of endless possibilities and excess inspiration to add something new to your life. So, if you’re considering a redesign this winter, think about incorporating some of the winter design trends recommended by Tumble’s very own designer, Kerri Besse. 

Last month, Kerri shared with us some of the trending elements of fall design style, which included deep, Earthy tones and luxurious fabrics. As we transition deeper into winter, we’re now seeing an added romantic element being brought into these lush fabrics and color palettes. With this design style, many trending colors, patterns, and textures blend together to bring the warmth and comfort of romance into your home. 

But, these design trends aren’t just limited to the winter months! In this month’s blog, Kerri also provides recommendations on how to incorporate the warmth and cozy atmosphere into your home in a timeless way all year long. Plus, she even provides suggestions on the best washable rugs for winter: 

So, this winter we invite you to curl up, relax, and indulge in the romanticization of different design styles and decor pieces!

What colors, patterns, textures, and fabrics are trending this winter?

bohemian rugs

This season, we are seeing a lot of rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet upholstery, leather, and faux fur. These lush looks are accented by elements like wide-checkered patterns, soft wall paint, faux hide, and wood accents over metals. One winter design trend that is on the rise is the idea of bringing “romance” into the home through this blend of rich luxury and subtle/muted color palettes. Even just the word “romance” evokes the feeling of a warm hug which is the atmosphere many people are striving for in their homes this winter!

Another way to bring romance into the home is to do so in a more opulent way. Elements like patterned wallpaper, floral upholstery, and accents that utilize deep woods instead of contemporary metals will bring a bold look into your home. With the opulent romance design style, more is more; mixing and matching patterns is exactly the vibrant look you want to achieve. Traditional Persian rugs are great to complement this very luxe design style, plus it also offers a great opportunity to use the Pantone 2023 Color of the Year — Viva Magenta!

Which Tumble washable rugs are best for this look?

persian rugs

I love Tumble’s traditional rug, Olivia in Ivory/Neutral, to achieve an extra warm look! You can even take your design style to the next level by layering different patterns and textures on top of each other. With the Olivia, I like to layer a faux hide piece to achieve an extra warm look! Note: Layering rugs on top of Tumble’s washable rugs does of course prevent the non-Tumble surface from being spillproof and washable. 

If you’re aiming for the more opulent take on romance, Tumble’s contemporary rugs like Flora in Navy/Multi, Bohemian rugs like Maya in Silver/Multi, and Persian rugs like Hayden in Ruby/Grey are the perfect addition to any room. These washable area rugs boast vibrant colors, bold patterns, and will help you embrace the vivid nature of this winter design trend!

How can someone embrace the cozy atmosphere of winter in their home all year long?

washable area rug

Embrace the warm, cozy energy of winter all year round by bringing this outdoors in! Focusing on design pieces inspired by natural elements like driftwood (birch wood, especially), dried botanicals, and exposed brick allows you to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home. I recommend accent pieces made of distressed wood, botanical illustrations, bone China, cozy and big knitted throws, candles, antiques or family heirlooms, and natural ceramics. Another approach is to “tell a story” within your space to spark your creativity, such as re-creating a nature hike during the winter!

What are the best machine washable rugs for winter?

best washable rug

The best Tumble rug for this look would be the Taos in Neutral, Canyon in Oatmeal/Grey, or Sable in Green/ Multi to bring in some color inspired by nature!

What are some other home decor pieces that can bring warmth into someone’s home?

neutral rugs

The opposite of the previous look would be to bring in more moody and dark accents such as dark wall paint, dark patterned wallpaper, dark glass vases, brass accents, black/gray/charcoal colored accent pillows, stone or marble accents, monochromatic beddings, and striped throw blankets. The patterned wallpaper or dark walls are the main focal point of the space. This look is great in a guest bedroom or bathroom. 

If you’re looking for a more personalized consultation regarding your home’s design style and how to utilize a Tumble machine washable rug to enhance this style, you can set up a direct  complimentary — consultation with Kerri here!