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The Best Washable Rugs For Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type (Introverts)

The Best Washable Rugs For Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type (Introverts)

At Tumble, our goal is to make high-quality washable rugs in beautiful designs that match everyone’s design style. Whether you gravitate toward boho-chic or keep it simple with contemporary minimalism, we want to ensure there is a Tumble design that’s perfect for you. 

A Myers-Briggs personality type is an indicator of how individuals perceive the world and make decisions. This specific type of personality indicator identifies four key things:

  1. Introvert vs. Extrovert — Do you become energized by being around people or spending time with yourself?
  2. Sensor vs. Intuitive — Do you rely more heavily on facts or feelings when making a decision?
  3. Thinker vs. Feeler — Do you make decisions using logical analysis or based on your personal values?
  4. Judger vs. Perceiver — Do you like to remain organized and stick to plans or do you prefer to act spontaneously? 

Because our individual Myers-Briggs personality types play so heavily in our day-to-day decision making, we believe it can also be an interesting way to look at how our decision making process impacts our personal design choices. In today’s blog, we’re recommending the best washable rugs based on what we know about each introverted Myers-Briggs type. You can take your own self-led Myers-Briggs personality test and identify your type here!

*Note: These recommendations are simply suggestions based on how each type is generally perceived as a whole. At Tumble, we aim to nurture creativity and personal expression through home decor and encourage you to choose any Tumble design that may speak to your personal design tastes!


neutral washable rug

If your personality type is ISTJ, chances are you’re a quiet, serious individual. You find success in your life through practical, matter-of-fact decision making and often approach your goals logically without any distractions. ISTJ personality types take pride in making sure everything in their lives is organized and orderly. 

For this personality type, we recommend the Vienna washable rug in Graphite. Inspired by hand-drawn elements found in Kuba cloth textiles from Africa, this neutral rug is subtle enough to appeal to your introverted personality, and minimalistic enough to bring a sense of traditional organization to your space.


traditional rug

ISFJ personality types are known for being extremely detail-oriented. Your quiet, friendly, responsible personality is only elevated by your inclination to be thorough and accurate in any task you take on. You often remember specific details about people who are important to you which results in your being concerned and empathetic to how others feel. 

For the precisely detailed ISFJ, we recommend the Amara washable rug in Light Blue/Ivory. The intricate detailing in the design of this traditional rug will best be appreciated by an ISFJ. Meanwhile, the light blue color palette of the Amara will harness the harmonious and empathetic nature of your personality. 


southwestern washable rug

If you have an INFJ personality type, you tend to seek connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. You are deeply insightful about others and are committed to their firm values. INFJs are typically very organized and decisive when it comes to decision making.

For this personality type, we recommend the Sable washable rug in Green/Multi. When sketching designs for this rug, our designers spent an extensive amount of time researching vintage southwestern textiles. This commitment to understanding the culture behind the design trend speaks to your personality type, making the Sable rug even more appealing. The bold design of this southwestern rug will perfectly complement the clear vision you have for your space’s decor. 


contemporary washable rug

If you have an INTJ personality type, you most likely have great drive for implementing ideas and achieving your goals. The patterns you regularly see in the events around you help you determine long-term explanatory perspective for why things are the way that they are. INTJs are committed, organized, and have high standards  for themselves and others.

INTJ personality types will be deeply attracted to the Ogee washable rug in Denim. The traditional trellis design of this contemporary rug creates a pattern that embraces an INTJ’s organized and logical outlook on life. Designed with a textured deep blue color ground with medium blue hues, this washable rug feels elevated and luxurious enough to meet an INTJ’s high standards. 


vintage washable rug

ISTP personality types are often tolerant and flexible individuals. If you are an ISTP personality type, you are most likely a quiet observer of situations. However, when a problem presents itself you work quickly and efficiently to identify a solution. Endlessly curious, you analyze what makes things work and are willing to sift through large collections of data to get to the root of the problem. 

For ISTP individuals, we recommend the Tabriz washable rug in Sea Blue/Ivory. This handcrafted Persian rug boasts a subtle sea blue color scheme, adding a quiet sense of personality to your space in a way that is not overwhelming or distracting. Much like your personality type, the Tabriz rug emulates the traditional elegance of a standard Persian rug, but quickly works against spills and stains with Tumble’s washable and spillproof technology. 


neutral rug

If you have an ISFP personality type, you’re likely to be the type of person who likes to enjoy the present moment. Your quiet, friendly, and sensitive demeanor makes people love to be around you. Although you value your alone time you’re also loyally committed to the people who are most important to you. 

Similar to those with an ISFP personality type, the Olivia washable rug in Ivory/Neutral brings a sensible energy to any room. With its floral motifs and neutral color palette, the Olivia will work well in your space, even as the decor and design style surrounding it may change and evolve over time. 


contemporary rug

INFP personality types are most commonly known for being idealistic people who are loyal to their values and the people that are important to them. If this is you, you may also notice that you are endlessly curious and are usually the first person eager to implement new creative ideas. As a result, the people in your life know they can turn to you for support and you will be more than willing to help them reach their full potential.

For INFP personality types, we recommend the Fez washable rug in Sand/Multi. The soft pastels and geometric patterns of this contemporary rug will allow you to tune into your creative side. As a result, your home will reflect your creative, curious tendencies and reflect your desire to continue learning and working toward new possibilities every day.


bohemian washable rug

INTP personality types are one of the most logical personality types there are. INTPs aim to find logical explanations for anything of interest to them, and they are more interested in ideas rather than social interaction. This quiet, adaptable personality type has a tendency to become skeptical, critical, and analytical. But, at the end of the day, the people in your life know they can rely on you to help solve problems in any area of interest.

For INTP personality types, we recommend the Canyon washable rug in Grey/Ivory. The repetitive pattern on this Bohemian rug will appeal to an INTP’s logical side while the subtle color palette remains contained enough to not draw too much unwanted attention. Just like an INTP, the Canyon boldly withstands skepticism and presents new, abstract ideas from a logical perspective.