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The Best Machine Washable Rug Size For a Full Bed

| Team Tumble

What is the best rug size for a full bed? 

For young adults moving into their own apartment or home for the first time, it’s likely they’re going to opt for a full size bed — especially if living alone or with roommates. A full size bed is a great upgrade from the classic childhood twin size bed, but is still smaller than a luxury queen size bed, serving as a great transition furniture piece as they establish their life away from home. For parents with young children who are oh-so-tired of their twin size beds, a full size bed is the next natural upgrade. 

So, whatever stage you’re at in life, you’ve probably asked yourself how best to style a full size bed in your bedroom, including what rug size is best for a full bed. While it’s already been established that an 8x10 rug is the best rug size for a queen bed, the ideal measurements for a full size bed are slightly smaller. If you’re looking to style or refresh your bedroom this year, we’ve got you covered with the best tips for styling a rug size for a full bed!

Full Coverage

When styling a rug under your bed, it’s important to keep in mind that your rug should extend about two feet from each of the exposed sides of your bed frame. Because a standard full size bed frame measures just under 5x7 feet, a 6x9 rug is the obvious choice. If your full size bed is positioned in the center of the room with nightstands on either side, a 6x9 rug will fit perfectly under the frame, when styled correctly. If you’re working with a slightly smaller bedroom space, a 5x7 rug may also work well under your full bed as long as you position it properly. 

What Is The Best Rug Size For My Full Bed?

best rug size for full bed

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Now comes the question: how do I choose between a 5x7 rug and a 6x9 rug size? The answer, as briefly mentioned, depends on how you position your bed frame in your bedroom. 

If your bed is in the center of your room

We recommend choosing a 6x9 rug. Because your bed is anchored with the headboard against the wall and positioned with equal amount of floor space on all three exposed sides, you’ll want a bigger rug size for under your full bed. The best way to style a 6x9 rug size under your full bed is to place the top of the rug slightly below where the headboard of the bed frame begins. For example, if you have two nightstands on either side of your bed frame, a great indicator of where to start your rug is directly in front of the nightstands. Positioning your 6x9 rug slightly in front of the start of the bed frame will allow you to create the recommended two feet of excess rug surface exposed at the foot of the bed. When your look is complete, you’ll see two feet of rug surface exposed on all three sides of the bed, allowing your area rug to become a focal point of the room’s design space and tie the rest of the decor pieces together!

    6x9 rug size for full bed

    If your bed is in the corner of your room

    We recommend choosing a 5x7 rug. Because a full size bed is often used in childhood bedrooms and starter homes, it is not uncommon to be working with a smaller amount of square footage in your bedroom. As a result, many people tend to position their bed in the corner of the room to maximize the amount of open floor space left over. If your bed is in the corner of your room instead of the middle, only two sides will be exposed. So, even though it is technically the same dimensions as the bed itself, a 5x7 rug is a great rug size for under your full bed. The best way to position this rug size under your full bed is to position it halfway under the length of the bed and slightly in front of the headboard. This will create the two feet of excess rug surface on both exposed sides of the bed that you’re striving for. 

      5x7 rug size for full bed

      Still Haven’t Found the Right Rug Size
      For Your Full Bed?

      If neither of the above placement options are working well in your bedroom, a runner rug is also a great rug size for your full bed. Because a runner rug is long and narrow, it is the perfect rug size to add a pop of color and design to your room without covering the entirety of the floor space. Available in 7 feet long and 10 feet long, our runner rugs work well positioned at the foot of your bed, between the bed frame and your dresser drawers positioned against the opposite wall. If your bed is positioned in the corner of the room, a runner rug can work perfectly running parallel to the length of your bed, offering your feet a cushiony place to land as you roll out of bed each morning!

      runner rug size for full bed

      Tumble Machine Washable Rugs For a Full Bed

      best rug size for full bed

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      When shopping for the best rug size for your full bed, don’t limit your creativity to the standard rug designs you may find at common retailers. At Tumble, our goal is to help you express your creativity in your home while also bringing peace of mind to your daily routine, which is why our machine washable rug designs are perfect for your 2023 bedroom refresh. 

      Every washable area rug at Tumble is created with hand-drawn designs suited to match every design taste. Whether you prefer bold, contemporary designs like the Fez and Prism washable area rugs, or you prefer minimalist designs like Canyon and Victoria, there’s a Tumble perfect for you. Plus, the unique spillproof design and machine washable rug structure means you no longer have to worry about accidental spills and stains, and your bedroom’s room design will remain elevated and luxurious for years to come!

      Still not sure which is the best rug size for your queen bed? Check out our size guide for more washable rug sizing options!

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