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The Best Machine Washable Rug Size For a Queen Bed

| Team Tumble

What is the best rug size for a queen bed? Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply trying to refresh the design style of your bedroom, this question is inevitable when it comes to incorporating a rug into your home’s decor. While it’s easy to assume any rug can be brought into a room with ease, it’s important to remember that your rug should elevate the design space in a way that does not diminish the functionality of the space. 

Strategically choosing the rug size for your queen bed, where it is placed in relation to your bed, and how much floor surface area it covers is crucial when designing your space. So, the next time you’re choosing a new rug for your bedroom, make sure you keep these tips in mind to choose the correct rug size for your queen bed!

Fit For a Queen

In the design world, the standard rule of thumb is to ensure your rug extends at least two feet from the each exposed side of your bed frame. Since your queen bed is most likely positioned with the headboard against the wall, you only need to worry about the two sides and bottom of the bed when taking these measurements into consideration. A standard queen size bed has dimensions of 5 feet wide by about 6 feet long. So, when looking for the right rug size for your queen bed, you’re going to want a rug that is roughly 6x9 feet or 8x10 feet in size.

What is the best rug size for my queen bed?

Now comes the question: how do I choose between a 6x9 and 8x10 rug size? The answer is simple: it all depends on how you wish to style your rug in your bedroom. If you’re looking for a rug that will cover the majority of floor space in your room, an 8x10 rug is the best rug size for your queen bed. With this larger rug size, your rug will fit comfortably underneath your queen bed with more than two feet of excess space on all three sides of the bed frame. This particular design style works exceptionally well for bedrooms with two nightstands — one on either side of the bed.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a rug that covers less surface area and leaves more of the natural flooring exposed, a 6x9 rug is the best rug size for your queen bed. Rather than placing the rug entirely under the bed frame, you’ll want to place your 6x9 rug toward the bottom of the bed. This will leave only about 1.5 feet of space on either side of the bed frame, bringing just a subtle touch of extra design and color into the room.

8x10 rug size for queen bed

8x10 rug size under a queen bed

Three Ways to Place Your Rug Under a Queen Bed

If you’re still not sure whether an 8x10 rug or 6x9 rug is the best rug size for your queen bed, first consider how you want the rug to look underneath your bed. As mentioned above, there are a few different ways you can position your rug under the bed in a design-friendly way that still keeps your space functional:

Anchored to the bed and nightstands

Anchoring your rug to the bed frame and nightstands means your rug will start against the wall your headboard is placed on, run under both nightstands and the bed frame, and still have excess rug material exposed on all three sides of the furniture. This option is the best if you’re aiming for your rug to take up nearly all of the floor space in your room. 

    best rug size for queen bed

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    In front of nightstands

    If you want a bit of separation between your furniture, the wall, and your rug, simply place the rug slightly in front of the nightstands. This will ensure that your rug will run the length of the bed with excess space at the bottom, while still keeping a bit of distance between the rug and your nightstands.

      washable area rug size for queen bed

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      Starting in the middle of the bed frame

      If you opt for a smaller 6x9 rug and still want to make sure the rug runs beyond the length of your queen bed, place the top of the rug in the middle of the bed frame. Not only will this placement make your smaller rug a good rug size for a queen bed, it will also take up the least amount of floor space, allowing more of the natural flooring to be exposed.

        rug size for queen bed

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        Still Haven’t Found the Right Rug Size For Your Queen Bed?

        If you’re working with a smaller bedroom space, or if you’ve decided that the above placement options just aren’t what you’re looking for, consider purchasing a 3x5 rug instead. Our 3x5 washable rugs are a great choice if you’re not looking for one large area rug. Simply place one small rug on either side of your queen bed for a look that is elevated, organized, and functional.

        3x5 rug size for queen bed

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        Tumble Machine Washable Rugs For a Queen Bed

        When shopping for the best rug size for your queen bed, why limit yourself to traditional rug designs? The bedroom is arguably the room in the home that sees the most foot traffic other than your entryway. You are, after all, starting and ending every day in your bedroom!

        Investing in a rug for your space should be stress-free and low maintenance which is why we believe our machine washable rug designs are the best choice when choosing a rug for your room. Bringing a washable area rug into your bedroom means you can spend less time worrying about how to keep your new rug clean and more time focused on the important things like winding down and chilling out after a long day. The spillproof material of every washable area rug effortlessly fights against accidental spills. So, now you can start your day with a steaming mug of coffee and end it with a rich glass of red wine without fear of stains. Plus, the machine washable rug structure of each of our rugs means cleaning your rug every so often is as easy as doing one extra load of laundry!

        Still not sure which is the best rug size for your queen bed? Check out our size guide for more washable rug sizing options!

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