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Four New Best Washable Rugs From Tumble This Fall

| Team Tumble

In today’s ever-evolving society of social media, trends come and go almost faster than many of us can keep up. At Tumble, we know how important it is to our customers to stay up to date with the latest trending colors, patterns, and design styles. That’s why we’re always reinventing and reimagining our best washable rugs to mirror the current style preferences and tastes of our customers.  

Over the summer, we highlighted a few of our newest washable rugs. These light, vibrant designs were perfect to reflect the trends of the summer season. But, as we head deeper into fall and temperatures continue to drop, you may be looking to refresh your space. The changing of the seasons is the perfect opportunity to bring new furniture, colors, and other decor into your home. Gone are the long, sunny days, replaced with chilly autumn mornings and cozy nights in. Because of this shift in atmosphere, you may be looking to swap out your summer decor with items that feel warmer and more natural. 

One of the reasons we believe Tumble should be your go-to for the best washable rugs (in our biased opinion) is the ease with which you’re able to change and refresh the designs displayed in your home. Each Tumble rug is shipped to you in two different pieces: the washable rug itself and the cushiony non-slip rug pad. 

The rug itself is lightweight and flexible, which makes it easy to re-fold and store it in your linen closet. That way, if you’re simply looking to change the rug and reuse the rug pad, you no longer have to worry about rolling or storing a bulky traditional rug each season. (Pro tip: If you’re looking to purchase a new washable rug design without an additional rug pad, just email us at and we’d be happy to help!)

At Tumble, we want your washable rugs to be as versatile as you are. Whether you want to adapt to the latest design style trends, are looking to transform the energy of your home each season, or simply need a home decor refresh, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’ve chosen a few of Tumble’s new best washable rugs for you to choose from this fall!

Hayden — Ivory/Slate

best washable rug

Why we love it: When we think of a good staple rug that will complement any room in your home, our minds immediately go to the Hayden Ivory/Slate washable rug. With its cream and gray color palette, this rug is neutral enough to work well with even your most boldly colored decor pieces. Plus, the antique-inspired floral design elevates the look to a subtly eye-catching level! 

Why customers love it: This is lovely, my first rug with Tumble. It gives just enough warmth to my white bedroom that has blue accents. It is soft, not lush, but it's very comforting under the foot. The colors are muted enough to be a neutral but not boring anchor to my decor.” —Lynn P.

Best paired with: Brightly colored decor, bold abstract art, and your vibrant personality. 

Azra — Ash/Neutral

best washable rug

Why we love it: Whoever said natural color palettes need to be boring has clearly never seen the Azra Ash/Natural washable rug from Tumble. With an enchanting purple tint, this rug will bring a regal aura into your home and make any room feel fit for royalty. When paired with the antique distressing of the rug’s design this elegant rug is sure to make a statement!

Why customers love it: Perfect rug for my bathroom. Color is a good gray and just what I needed for the space. Easy to clean and soft under my feet.” —Mary Elizabeth E.

Best paired with: Neutral furniture, Earthy wooden accents, and your favorite royalty-inspired period drama on Netflix. 

Amara — Coral/Blue

best washable rug

Why we love it: The coastal-inspired decor trend continues to sweep across social media, and more and more people are being drawn to the light, airy feel of the design style. If you’re one of them, the Tumble Amara Coral/Blue washable rug is perfect for you. With a tan and light blue color palette, this rug will make you feel like you’re just steps away from your favorite sandy beach!

Why customers love it: Love the colors and softness. Ties the whole room together with a little bit of color. Wonderful rug for our toddler and dog!” —Elizabeth C.

Best paired with: Potted plants, ceramic vases, and your favorite beach-inspired white noise in the background. 

Hayden — Indigo/Brick

best washable rug

Why we love it: For those who prefer the look of traditional rugs, the Hayden Indigo/Blue washable rug brings a traditional style to the Hayden design. Utilizing fabrics of rich blues and warm browns, this rug screams authentic luxury. Whether you use it to complement the traditional design style of the room or as a statement piece, this rug is sure to create a welcome and cozy atmosphere. 

Why customers love it: Love the pattern. The colors look great with our gray walls with green undertones. Brings a lot of life to our dining room! Our living room Tumble rug has stood up to around 10 washes and still looks great so I feel great about buying another.” —Emily

Best paired with: Antique furniture, classic decor, and a wood-burning fire to enhance the atmosphere.

Bonus Highlight: Amara — Blush/Grey

best washable rug

Why we love it: Throughout the entire month of October, Tumble will donate $10 for every Amara Blush/Grey washable rug sold to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. At Tumble, we firmly believe that our extensive line of washable rugs would not be possible without the team of creatives behind the product, among whom is designer Kerri Besse who experienced her own journey of overcoming breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is especially important to Tumble, and we are honored to do our part to give back to the cause. 

Why customers love it:The right amount of coral color for a pretty pop, the rug is vintage farmhouse chic.” —Amanda S.

Best paired with: White furniture, pastel throw pillows, and a donation to a nonprofit that is special to you.

In addition to these best sellers, be sure to shop all of Tumble’s best washable rugs. Don’t forget, if you already own a Tumble and don’t need to purchase a second rug pad just email us at and we’d be happy to help!

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