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The 5 Best Washable Rugs of 2023

The 5 Best Washable Rugs of 2023

When shopping for a rug for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider: What style do you want? How big should it be? Where should it go in the house? But, a few things you shouldn’t have to worry about is how you’re going to clean it and what you’ll do if you decide you want a new design in a few months. At Tumble, we aim to remove those two questions from the rug-purchasing process and have aimed to create the best washable rugs for everyone’s personal style. 

What to Look For

Ease of Care

The machine washable rug structure itself is lightweight enough that it can easily be re-folded into a flat square and stored in a closet or under your bed. That means you can effortlessly change out your Tumble design based on the season or current aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve in your home! 

Machine washable rug


Each Tumble rug is woven with a remarkably soft spillproof material, which means you won’t be sacrificing comfort for functionality. The hypoallergenic polyester material forces liquid spills to bead on the surface rather than soak into the rug. So, you can easily wipe away any accidental spills with the peace of mind that the fabric won’t stain. Plus, for messes that require a bit more, every Tumble rug is also machine washable!

Spill proof rug


Each Tumble comes with a cushioned rug pad to prevent the rug from slipping on your floor as well as provide the perfect amount of support under your feet. This cushioned base layer is perfect for parents to have peace of mind that their little ones won’t bump their knees when playing around the house. The rubberized puzzle pieces assemble seamlessly and each corner tucks into the corners of the rug itself to provide a cushy foam base layer design that is completely unique to Tumble. 

Non-slip rug design

Best Coastal Rug Design: Tara — Blue/Grey

coastal washable rug

The Tara washable rug in Blue/Grey is the perfect piece to tie your Coastal design-inspired room together. The white and grey design on a light blue background is inspired by different floral shapes, breathing a fresh element of mother nature into the room. 

Available in 8x10, 5x7, 3x5, and 2.5x7 rug sizes.

Olivia — Ash/Multi

neutral washable rug

There’s nothing that screams “home” more than warm colors, rich wooden accents, and crackling fireplace. If this is the look you’re going for, the Olivia washable area rug in Ash/Multi is for you. With a hand-drawn design featuring subtle floral motifs, this washable rug brings a sense of warm tradition into any room. The different shades of brown and grey against a dark ash background will tie the other cozy elements of your room together. 

Available in 9x12, 8x10, 6x9, 5x7, 3x5, 2.5x10, and 2.5x7 rug sizes.

Maya — Ivory/Neutral

neutral washable rug

Some washable rugs are meant to be subtle finishing touches to a room rather than statement pieces, and we understand that. If your home’s decor is loud and vibrant and full of bold patterns and textures, you’re probably looking for a neutral rug to complement the room’s current aesthetic rather than overpower it. The Maya washable area rug in Ivory/Neutral is exactly what you’re looking for. The traditional Persian design elements blend seamlessly with Southwestern style inspiration, creating a look that is equal parts geometric and fluid. Plus, the light grey design against a white background provides just the right amount of neutrality to balance out the bolder elements in your room.

Available in 9x12, 8x10, 6x9, 5x7, 3x5, 2.5x10, and 2.5x7 rug sizes.

Maya — Brick/Multi

red washable rug

Are you in love with the Maya design but are looking for something that makes more of a statement? Maybe the room you’re designing is full of neutral colors and minimalistic art. If this is the case, the Maya washable rug in Brick/Multi is the best option for you. This machine washable rug design still blends Southwestern style and Persian elements, but in a bolder color palette of reds, yellows and blues.

Available in 8x10, 5x7, 3x5, and 2.5x7 rug sizes.