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How To Get a Rug To Lay Flat

When you bring home your new area rug, you’re probably super excited to get it out of its packaging and into its new space. While you may have done tons of research on what kind of rug will best suit your style and lifestyle, and feel certain you’ve found the perfect piece to match your home decor and really tie...

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What Is a Spillproof Rug?

An area rug can make a huge difference to your home decor. If your space looks bland, boring, or simply not quite cozy enough, adding a huge swathe of texture and color or pattern can totally transform it. Particularly if you have kids or pets, this transformation may seem out of reach — or in constant need of vacuuming and...

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Living Room Rug: Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

When it comes to home decor, there’s almost nothing that can instantly transform your room like a large area rug that fits your personal style. The best rugs add a bit of color and texture if your color palette is feeling a little bland — and they’re also great for pushing your space to the maximalist heights of your dreams...

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How Do You Clean a Rug?

Area rugs are a great way to express your individual style. Whether you go with a wool rug, a shag rug, a classic Persian, or something else, you can really bring together a room and complement your interior design sensibility like nothing else. If you’re looking to showcase your artistic tastes or make your living space as plush and cozy...

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5 Tips on How To Make a Room Brighter

Nothing puts a damper on great home decor like a dingy and dim room. Even if your home is great in every other way, if it’s wanting for windows or overhead light fixtures, it’s hard to make your interior design choices pop in the way that you want. Low light can make a room feel smaller, and can really get...

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What Makes a Rug Contemporary?

When you’re considering adding an area rug to your space, one of your first thoughts is probably about what your rug should look like. There are so many things to consider — color, pattern, pile height. Not to mention how your rug will mesh with the overall style of your home. While some people seem to have an innate sense...

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