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The Best Washable Rug Size For a Nursery

The Best Washable Rug Size For a Nursery

What is the best rug size for a nursery?

We know that our customers who are new or expecting parents have a lot on their minds. From hospital visits to baby proofing your home, your To Do list is probably exponentially longer than you’d like it to be. At Tumble, one of our core ideologies is to help our customers create a more stress-free environment for themselves and their families, which is why we’re here to help make some of these decisions a bit easier. 

One of the most exciting things for expecting parents is getting to decorate their child’s nursery. From a new crib to fun wall murals and everything in between, new parents get to take pride in the fact that they’re designing the first room their little one will ever call home. But, with this exciting time also comes a lot of decision making. Let us help you out by sharing our top tips for choosing the best rug size for your nursery.

New Design Ideas For New Parents

best machine washable rug size for nursery

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In our last few blogs, we covered the best rug size for several different bed sizes. A crucial element to determining the best rug size for each of these beds was the two feet rule — ensuring your rug extends at least two feet beyond every exposed side of the bed frame. When choosing a rug size for a nursery, though, this rule is not as important. 

In a nursery, there are several other pieces of furniture that act as focal points in the room, rather than just one singular bed frame. In addition to a crib, many nurseries often include a changing table, a rocking chair, and even sometimes small dressers for your little one’s growing wardrobe. Because of this, it’s better to look at the room as a whole when choosing the best rug size for your nursery.

What is the Best Rug Size For a Nursery?

machine washable rug size for nursery

Determining the best rug size for your nursery depends on how you want the rug to look in the room. The two most common design styles for rugs in a nursery are A) using a rug to cover the entirety of the nursery’s floor space or B) using a rug as a layering piece underneath certain pieces of furniture. However, we also recommend considering a runner rug size for your nursery in certain instances. 

Using a rug to cover the entirety of the floor space

We recommend this particular design style in a nursery that has hardwood floors or scratchy carpet. Covering the floor space with a rug will allow your little one to have a cushiony space to explore as they learn to crawl and eventually walk. When following this design style, the best rug size for your nursery depends on the size of the room itself. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to place your rug underneath the front legs of each piece of furniture (crib, rocking chair, changing table, etc.), leaving about one foot of space between the edges of the rug and the wall. For example, a nursery that measures 10x11 feet should use an 8x10 rug. A 10x10 nursery should use a 6x9’ rug and an 8x10 nursery should use a 5x7 rug. Ensuring there is one foot of space between the wall and the rug will help avoid making the room look cluttered and overcrowded. Instead, choosing the appropriate rug size will elevate the room, soften up the floor space, and keep your nursery’s design style looking tasteful and elegant.

    8x10 rug size for nursery

    Using a rug as a layering piece

    We recommend choosing this design style for a nursery that already has a soft, cushiony floor but could use an extra pop of design. Layering a smaller area rug under the furniture in your nursery is a great way to add a dynamic design element. This is most commonly done by layering a rug underneath the crib. A standard crib’s dimensions are about 4x2 feet which means the smallest rug size you’d want to layer underneath it is a 3x5 rug. Positioning a 3x5 rug halfway underneath the crib will ensure the rug extends slightly beyond the frame of the bed. This is a standard design style practice that we’ve mentioned in previous blogs. But, a crib also poses another unique design option. Because a crib is so much smaller than a standard bed, you could also choose a 5x7 rug positioned similarly halfway underneath the crib’s front legs. Doing this will allow the rug to extend even further beyond the furniture, allowing more of the rug’s dynamic design to be exposed on the floor without committing to covering the entirety of the floor space. 

    3x5 rug size for nursery

    Using a runner rug size for a nursery

    At Tumble, we’re proud to offer two different sizes in our washable runner rugs: 7 feet and 10 feet long. A runner rug is great if you’re looking for a rug to cover just a small portion of the nursery. For example, a runner rug is a great size for placing directly in front of your nursery’s changing table. Not only will a runner rug provide just a subtle pop of design for the room, but it will also allow you to have an extra cushioned surface area to stand on as you get your little one ready throughout the day. 

      runner rug size for nursery

      Best Machine Washable Rugs For a Nursery

      machine washable rug size for nursery

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      Our washable area rugs and washable runner rugs are great for every room in the house, but especially for your nursery. The unique spillproof material of each of our machine washable rugs makes them perfect for combatting the accidental spills and messes that come with having little ones roaming around. Our kid friendly rug designs will allow you as a parent to maintain an elevated, sophisticated design style without having to worry about stains!

      Our contemporary rug designs like Prism - Multi are perfect for bringing a vibrant, colorful element into your youthful nursery. Whether you choose a washable area rug or one of our smaller washable runner rugs, we know there’s a design that’s perfect for your nursery’s design style. Plus, the machine washable rug structure of our rugs means you can spend less time cleaning the rug and more time playing with your little one!

      Still not sure which is the best rug size for your nursery? Check out our size guide for more washable rug sizing options!