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The Best Machine Washable Rug Size For a Twin Bed

| Team Tumble

What is the best rug size for a twin bed? 

Whether you’re a parent looking to refresh your child’s bedroom, a college student wanting to add a personal touch to your dorm, or simply someone working with a small bedroom space, it’s likely you’ve chosen a twin size bed for the room. From children who are excited to finally graduate from a nursery to a “big kid room” to young adults moving into dorms and away from home for the first time, we’re all likely to sleep on a twin size bed at least once in our lives. So begs the question: how do we style a room with a twin size bed and what is the best rug size for a twin bed? 

A twin bed is especially unique because its presence typically means the bedroom is relatively small. Because of this, it’s important to choose the correct rug size for your twin bed as well as position it properly in the room. The goal is to complement the size of the room rather than making it appear even smaller than it actually is. So, if you’re stumped on how to choose the best rug size for a twin bed, we’ve got you covered with the best tips as well as the best washable rugs in the perfect rug size for your twin bed!

Twin Size

If you’ve followed along with our previous few blog posts, then you already know there are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing a rug size for a twin bed. The most important of which is to ensure that your rug extends at least two feet from every exposed side of the bed. Because the standard dimensions of a twin size bed are roughly 3x6’ there are a few options to choose from when finding the best rug size for your twin bed. 

For a larger room with a twin bed positioned in the center, a 5x7’ rug will work well. But, for a room with a twin bed positioned in the corner, a 3x5’ rug is a more optimal rug size. Further, if you’re working with only half of the room’s total square footage (for example a dorm room shared with a roommate), the best rug size for your twin bed is actually one of our washable runner rugs.

What is the Best Rug Size For My Twin Bed?

rug size for twin bed

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We’ve given you three options to choose from but you may still need help deciding which of these three options is the right one for you. That’s why we’re here! The answer, as briefly mentioned above, all depends on the sizing and layout of your bedroom.

If your twin bed is in the middle of the room

You’re going to want to choose the larger 5x7’ rug size for your twin bed. However, we recommend that this is the largest rug size you choose. Anything larger runs the risk of making your bed appear smaller than it actually is, thus shrinking the appearance of your bedroom as well. Now, you may be thinking “the seven-foot length of a 5x7’ rug won’t extend the required two feet beyond the bottom of the bed.” You’d be correct. But, there’s a simple fix for that! Simply place your 5x7’ rug slightly in front of the twin bed’s headboard rather than directly underneath it. Because your bed is likely positioned with the headboard against a wall, the rug underneath it actually only needs to extend two feet on the three exposed sides of the frame. So, if you position the top of your rug closer to the middle of the bed itself, you’ll be left with a beautiful area rug that fits well under your twin bed and leaves just enough of the rug surface exposed for a tasteful touch of added design.

    If your twin bed is in the corner of the room

    We recommend choosing the smaller 3x5’ rug size for your twin bed. Similarly to the situation above, if your bed is anchored in the corner of your room, only two sides of it will be left exposed. Because of this, you’ll want a slightly smaller rug that can still extend beyond the bed frame without becoming too big and overwhelming the space. A 3x5’ rug positioned halfway under the bed and slightly in front of the headboard will allow the rug to extend appropriately beyond the footboard and the side of the bed frame. 

    3x5 rug size for twin bed

    If you're working with only half of the room's space

    It’s best to choose a runner rug instead of an area rug. This is most commonly necessary in bedrooms or dorms that are being shared with a roommate. Because there are two twin size beds in a dorm room, there is typically a significantly smaller amount of exposed floor space. Fortunately, a long, narrow runner rug is the perfect solution if you’re wanting to add a touch of warmth and comfort to the room while working with less square footage. A twin XL bed frame (typically found in most college dorms) is about 80 inches long. For comparison, a standard twin bed frame is about 74 inches long. In either of these instances, a seven foot runner rug is the best rug size for your twin bed. Because a runner rug is typically not placed underneath the bed itself, it does not need to follow the “two feet” rule. Instead, the runner rug should be placed parallel to your bed frame and in line with the top of the headboard, allowing the rug to line up almost perfectly with the length of your twin bed. A runner rug is also a great option for those who are not sharing a room but would prefer two runner rugs on either side of the bed as opposed to one larger area rug underneath the bed!

    runner rug size for twin bed

    Best Washable Rugs For a Twin Bed

    best washable rugs

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    When shopping for the best rug size for your twin bed, we recommend choosing one of our washable area rugs or washable runner rugs! Our spillproof and machine washable rug technology is ideal for any room you may be bringing a twin size bed into. 

    For example, your growing child elevating their space to a “big kid” room is still bound to create accidental messes and spills. Rather than fear the day when a spill stains and ruins the beautiful rug you’ve decorated your little one’s room with, get ahead of the problem by investing in a kid friendly rug with a spillproof rug material specifically designed to combat these messes. Or, if you’re a busy college student who thrives off multitasking and efficiency, avoid the stress and time it takes to clean a traditional rug and opt for a machine washable rug instead!

    Still not sure which is the best rug size for your twin bed? Check out our size guide for more washable rug sizing options!

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