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What Are the Correct Rug Sizes for Bedroom Design?

A bedroom rug is an essential piece for your home. Here are our tips on choosing the right rug sizes for bedroom design.

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The Best Rug Size For a Twin Bed

The goal is to complement the size of the room rather than making it appear even smaller than it actually is.

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Best Kids Washable Area Rugs For a Nursery

One key element of any nursery is the area rug, which not only adds a decorative touch but also provides a soft and comfortable surface for your little one to play on.

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What Is the Correct Rug Size for a King Size Bed?

If you’re in the market for a new rug, chances are you’ve already started debating on the right size, dimensions, and design for your floor space. There are so many directions to head in that it can understandably become overwhelming. Everything from rug placement to the type of rug you’re getting can be confusing at first. Tumble offers a wide...

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How To Place a Rug Under a Bed

A bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s your place to come home and exhale. Therefore, every bedroom needs a nice rug to compliment it — rugs create warmth and a sense of home.  Chances are you will have already put furniture in your home by the time you find the right rug. And chances are you also don’t want to move...

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How To Position Your Area Rug in a Bedroom

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’re just now getting around to making your living space more personal, there’s no better way to instantly transform a room than adding a beautiful rug – specifically an area rug. An area rug can make a room feel complete and adds an instant infusion of texture, color, and personality.  Area rugs are perfect...

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