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Can You Put a Rug in the Washer?

Can You Put a Rug in the Washer?

Rugs are an essential part of any living space. They immediately transform a room from empty and drabto warm and homey. Chances are your living space already has several rugs that you struggle to keep clean. Vacuuming is a great surface fix, but who has the time to get on their hands and knees to shampoo a rug? And professional carpet cleaning can take weeks and take a chunk out of your monthly savings. 

Want some good news? Area rugs are now being made to work with your home laundry and dryer systems. You can quickly clean your rugs so that your pets, kids, and guests don’t have you stressed about maintaining a clean space. 

Tumble has got you covered, offering sophisticated hand-made rugs at an affordable price point that will make your living space all the more liveable. No more saving up for rugs that can be ruined at a moment’s notice. We will help you transform your space effortlessly while maintaining functionality. Once you have clean rugs all the time, you won’t know how to live any other way. 

No Slipping and Sliding

Before we get into a bit of the science behind machine-washable rugs, it’s important to note that these rugs are advanced beyond their years. Through modern design, we incorporate rug pads into their build so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding — they stay exactly where you want them. 

The rug pad can also easily be inserted and removed from your rug for the cleaning process. Tumble rugs are light enough to lift and move to your washer without hassle, while heavy enough to stay grounded. 

The rug pads that Tumble offers are functional, easy to assemble, and can be cleaned with soap and water. Using a puzzle-piece system, these pads easily lock into one another and are slightly smaller than the surface of the area rug to hide well underneath. It’s like building the world’s easiest puzzle. They also offer a cushy foam layer to increase the comfort and softness of your floor area. 

Rug pads are often a hidden cost to consumers that can sometimes double the cost of your new purchase. But with Tumble, your rug includes a pad that works with the rug, already sized to perfection and ready to hold your new floor statement piece exactly where you want it. Tumble rug pads are latex-free and a quarter of an inch thick, which allows for safe door clearance.

Washing and Drying

At Tumble, we’ve done extensive work to provide you with the easiest possible cleaning process. Our rugs can fold and fit into standard washing machines and dryers. All you have to do is remove the rug pad and head to your laundry room. 

Using cold water and standard laundry detergent, stains and other surface damages will be lifted from the rug. Detergents that contain bleach and fabric softener should not be used, however. When it comes time to dry, ensure you are using a low heat setting or you can air dry! Just make sure you are giving the rug about one full day to dry out. 

Tumble also recommends you use the “delicate” cycle option on your washing machine to avoid harsh spin cycles which could potentially damagethe rug. All rugs are made with polyester chenille and have a low pile profile which means less dust and pet dander collection, as well as a cleaner surface less prone to cosmetic damage. 

As great as wool rugs can be, their delicate composition makes them very difficult to maintain without damage. Polyester chenille is a soft, beautifulmaterial that also increases durability. Having the ability to clean your new rug at home will change your life and leave your entire living space looking that much cleaner. 

Stain Free

It happens to all of us. A friend spills a glass of wine, or a kid is…well, a kid. And you have to scramble to quickly clean it up, all while trying to remain calm and polite. Think again. 

Tumble’s rugs are built with spill-proof technology! Derived from technology that is commonly used in medical and outdoor clothing, the spillproof feature of these rugs makes it difficult to truly stain them. 

This means that the sight of a spill shouldn’t invoke panic or cause distress — you’re just a a quick wipe away from being back to perfection. The spill-proof technology is a water-based solution that separates oils, stains, and other damaging liquids from the rug, preventing permanent discoloration and aiding in a quick clean-up. 

And best of all, this spill-proof technology does not affect the softness of your rug, still giving it a plush and comfortable feel. Additionally, spill-proof technology is tested in accordance with CA Prop 65 for harmful chemicals and is reliably safe for everyone to have in their homes. Don’t freak out if you drop a cup of morning Joe; your rug is going to be just fine! 

A Large Selection

Rugs are a necessity in building a well-furnished home. They give everything a cozier feel and provide a sense of warmth. But you don’t have to break the bank to find the right rug for your space. Handmade rugs are notoriously expensive, and if you’re not willing to spend in the thousands for an antique rug, or tirelessly hunt for something used, then you won’t find better alternatives than Tumble. 

Tumble offers rugs at a highly approachable price point in many different designs. You’ll almost certainly find something that catches your eye. Starting at as low as $99, you can find a brand new rug to compliment your home. And at the higher end, you won’t be spending more than $379 to stylishly decorate your living space.

Tumble rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, covering hallways and large spaces. Whether you need a runner or a living room statement, Tumble offers free shipping and free 30-dayreturns for all-sized rugs. 

The Right Vibe

Whether you are interested in a contemporary geometric look or prefer traditional Persian-style patterns, we’ve made an effort to give a wide range of options to compliment your design choices. There’s no one way to design a home or rug. And most of these patterns or designs come with multiple color options, so you don’t have to compromise on what works best for your room’s color scheme. 

All of Tumble’s rugs are designed in-house and made with the highest level of artisan craftsmanship. This means that your rug is going to last you a while and you won’t be forced to reinvest once a year on something new. Tumble also offers free design consultations, so if you are stuck between options, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! Tumble can help you narrow down to the perfectrug for you, and help create the sanctuary you deserve. 

Enjoy Your Living Space

The opportunity to clean your rugs at home is a total game-changer. You can quickly have your rug restored to its intended condition without expensive and lengthy trips to the cleaner. 

Tumble’s advanced technology and consumer-friendly products are making it possible to not view your area rugs as delicate pieces that need constant  protection, but instead, a functional piece of your home you can enjoy with company. You shouldn’t be stressed out by the furniture and decor in your living space. 

Tumble offers a multitude of sizes and designs, each including a unique rug pad and spillproof technology to protect your new purchase. And you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to add these great new pieces to your home. With free shipping, you can quickly spruce up your space with carpets galore. 

Get the most out of your area rugs, enjoy living in your home without worry, and check out Tumble’s awesome selection that will help give your space a modern, sleek design. Your rug is always a laundry load away from being back to the way it was intended to be seen: as good as new.


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