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Do I Need a Rug Pad?

| Team Tumble

When shopping for a new area rug, one item that often goes unnoticed is the rug pad. Although seemingly unimportant, a rug pad can make a world of difference in the way your rug functions in your home — especially if you choose a non slip rug pad. 

What is a Rug Pad?

A rug pad is a piece of material placed under your rug for one of two reasons: to keep the rug in place or to provide a more comfortable landing for your feet between the rug itself and the floor. Typically, a non slip rug pad is made out of rubber for hardwood or tiled floors and pvc for carpet flooring. A rug pad can (and should!) be used anywhere you have placed an area rug.

How Big Should a Rug Pad Be?

The goal with a rug pad is functionality, not aesthetics. While it’s great to use a non slip rug pad under all of your area rugs to keep the rug in place, it’s not the most beautiful thing to look at if the rug pad is sticking out of the edges of the rug itself. So, a good rule of thumb is to ensure your rug pad is about one inch smaller on all sides than the rug. For example, a non slip rug pad for an 8x10’ rug should measure 7x9’ which will ensure it is big enough to keep the rug in place while remaining discreet. 

Benefits of Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

do i need a rug pad

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While it may seem like rug pads have only one real benefit, the opposite is true. Sure, a non slip rug pad is great for preventing your rug from sliding around on your hardwood or tiled floors, but there are also a few other benefits to rug pads, as well:

Rug pads protect the rug and the floor

Placing a non slip rug pad between the rug itself and the floor creates a buffer between the two. This extra piece of material reduces the amount of time the rug spends sliding against the hard floor. Constant slipping and sliding of one material against another can increase the risk of damage to not only the bottom of the rug, but also to the floor itself. A rug pad is a great barrier to prevent this from happening.

Rug pads protect yourself

The increased risk of your rug slipping around on the floor also increases the risk of the rug slipping out from underneath you! The last thing you need after a busy day is to come home and deal with unstable rugs that could potentially cause injury to yourself, your children, or any guests who may be visiting. Adding a non slip rug pad underneath every area rug in your home minimizes the chance of the rug causing unnecessary damage.

Rug pads soften the area and dampen sounds

While any area rug will automatically absorb some sound of footsteps throughout the house, a rug pad will absorb even more. This extra layer of material softens the area under which your foot lands, dampening any excess sounds of stomping. So, you can move around your home with ease without the fear of waking a little one during nap time or disturbing the movie night down the hall!

What Makes Tumble the Best Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors?

best rug pad for hardwood floors

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At Tumble, our goal is to bring you the best washable rugs so that you can have the most stress-free living experience possible. Of course, a great rug would not be complete without a rug pad, which is why we include a cushioned rug pad with every washable rug purchase. The unique design of our non slip rug pad has many benefits, but above all else is intended to help you decorate your home with ease. 

Non slip rug pad technology

Our rug pad is made with non slip technology that easily holds your rug in place, no matter where you place it in your home. The pad tucks into the corners of your rug, ensuring the rug never moves away from the rug pad itself!

Perfectly sized

Because we sell our non slip rug pad in tandem with each rug, every rug pad is perfectly sized to fit underneath your rug without sticking out from the edges. 

Cushioned material

Every Tumble non slip rug pad is made with an ultra-cushioned foam material that gives your feet just the right amount of support with every step you take.

Easy to assemble

Each non slip rug pad is easily assembled with the user-friendly puzzle piece design we’ve created. So, you can take all the guesswork out of finding the right size and shape rug pad for your rug and just get to assembling!

Ready to upgrade your area rugs to Tumble’s washable rug and non slip rug pad combo? Shop our extensive collection of machine washable and spillproof rugs now!

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