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How To Get a Rug To Lay Flat: 7 Best Techniques

| Team Tumble

 When you bring home your new area rug, you’re probably super excited to get it out of its packaging and into its new space. But now you have a new problem: after being rolled up or folded to get it to your home, your new living room rug is covered in unsightly creases and uneven bunching. Plus, you just can’t seem to make the corners of your rug lay flat. 

Don’t panic — your rug will lay flat once again. And while it’s possible that over time the creased areas in your rug will flatten naturally after enough vacuuming and proper rug care, certain rug fibers are more structured than others and may require a bit more intervention. There are four main tactics you can pursue to flatten your rug, so here’s your complete guide on how to have your rug looking its best in no time at all.

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Apply Weight to Flatten it

This is probably the most intuitive solution to a rug that won’t lay flat. Whether it’s curling corners or a bend or dent in a certain area of your rug, find a heavy object. Some heavy books, a storage box, or even furniture will do. 

Place the object on the part of your rug that’s sticking up, and leave it for a few days. Remove the objects and see how your rug looks — if it’s flat, mission accomplished! If not, pay attention to whether or not it looks any flatter than it did when you started. As long as progress has been made, replace the heavy objects and let them rest a little longer until the rug lays flat.

Moisture May Relax the Fibers

This is actually how many professionals force a rug to lay flat! Professionals typically use a rug-safe wrinkle removing spray to help quickly relieve a rug of its wrinkles. You can certainly seek out your own wrinkle removing spray to help your rug relax. You’ll just want to be super careful to find a spray that’s safe for your rug.

Certain rugs, particularly antique or vintage pieces, don’t do well when exposed to liquid. High pile rugs like shag rugs, too, probably aren’t the best candidates for this method. You’ll want to use your wrinkle releasing spray liberally, and liquid can easily get locked into the fibers of these rugs and create mold and mildew, which can affect the air quality of your home.

If you can’t find a suitable wrinkle removing spray, or would just prefer to use something simpler, a spray bottle full of water will do the trick. After spraying the area and fluffing it back up again, use a blow dryer to ensure your rug dries properly and doesn’t retain unnecessary moisture.

Another great way to flatten the rug out? Washing it! Tumble rugs are all washable. If you simply give them a wash, the crease will go away and the rug will smooth out.

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Use a Carpet Pad

When debating how to get a rug to lay flat, utilizing a rug pad is a great option. One thing that can commonly lead to rugs curling or bending out of shape over time is getting caught under furniture or other objects. This is more likely to happen if your rug is sliding all over the floor! 

Tumble rugs come with a rug pad that not only allows Tumble rugs to be washable but it also helps hold your rug in place. It also means you’re less likely to trip! Our washable rugs also come with rug grippers. These are silicone (not adhesive) and they stick to the four corners of the rug. As a result, the corners are held down in place which creates tension in the four corners and keeps it laying flat.

Lay it Out in the Sun

Because Tumble’s washable rug design is able to be uniquely folded flat for easy storage, you may find yourself switching out rug designs more frequently. This will also force you to encounter creases and question how to flatten a rug more often. When this happens, consider utilizing a sunny spot in your home to get your rug to lay flat. Fibers are more malleable when warm, so start by placing your rug in a sunny spot. This will help encourage the rug to relax, thus making it easier to flatten. 

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Other Options on How to Get a Rug to Lay Flat

  • Use a clothing steamer — This will depend on your individual rug, and how worried you are about the dye running, or fibers melting; make sure to check care instructions, or contact the manufacturer for reassurance. Keep the steamer further from your rug than you generally would with a clothing item to be safe, and fluff up the fibers of the rug as they relax until the dent or crease is gone.
  • Use a hair dryer — Don’t have a sunny spot in your home large enough to lay your rug flat? No worries! Using a hair dryer on a low heat setting is a great way to get the rug’s fibers to relax and lay flatter.
  • Use a clothing iron — The best of both worlds, a clothing iron on the lowest setting with some steam provides both moisture and warmth to find success when questioning how to flatten a rug.

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