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5 Benefits of Machine Washable Rugs

| Team Tumble

There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to pulling together a room, nothing does it quite as well and quite as easily as an area rug. Whether you’re living in your dream home or you’re in a temporary rented space you don’t exactly love, a washable area rug can turn even the blandest and least personal space into somewhere that feels like home.

You can use an area rug to tie your decor together, add a much-needed splash of color, or delineate different spaces to an open-plan living situation or high traffic areas. Basically, when it comes to home decor, there isn’t anything that works quite as hard as your rug. 

There’s a flip side to that! While your rug works really hard to bring your aesthetic dreams to life, it also tends to get worked hard by day-to-day living. With vintage rugs requiring special care, and your standard rug at the very least requiring a pretty complicated process to get it clean, you may be holding off on purchasing the area rug of your dreams for fear that it’ll just get ruined.

Our first order of business: machine washable rugs. They’re a real game-changer, life changer, and room changer. If you’re not sure if a washable rug is worth it just yet, or why you should be looking for a washable rug in the first place, we’re pretty sure we can convince you with five huge benefits of machine washable rugs. Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Better for Busy Households and Areas

If you’re looking to place an area rug as a hallway runner, or in highly-trafficked areas in your household like nurseries or the living room, finding the right rug can be daunting. And not just because you want colorful options to match your design sensibility — but because you’re all too aware of how quickly it might get dirty and worn out.

This might be of extra concern to you if you have a big family, or often host parties and get-togethers, because the more feet are treading on your rug, the more likely it might be to get dirty and look less than it’s best.

That’s why a washable rug is perfect for busy households and busy areas of your home. It’s a major bonus point; no more carpet cleaner. Trade that in for mild detergent when you do a load of laundry. Whenever you feel like it’s looking a little past its prime, you can toss it in the washing machine and it’s instantly good as new. 

If you struggle to get everyone in your household to take off their shoes when they come indoors, your days of nervous breakdowns watching folks tread on your beloved area rug are over.

2. Better for Children and Pets

Having small children and pets can really limit your decor options. You may have to ensure that any small pieces or tchotchkes are kept on high shelves, even if that’s not where they look best. House plants that can be harmful if ingested will need to be rehomed or kept separate from any spaces a curious cat or toddler might wander. Not only that, but tripping hazards are a serious concern — and rugs can be a major offender in that area, especially when they don’t have a non-slip backing or non-slip rug pad.

Little ones of any kind are prone to making messes, and while you might be confident in your ability not to spill something on your brand new rug, you probably don’t trust your three-year-old who always seems to have something sticky on their hands. 

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Machine washable rugs, then, are the perfect solution. Even if your dog tracks in its body weight in mud and rolls all over the carpet, you don’t have to worry — just toss it in the washing machine. These rugs are lightweight and durable

And not only that, but Tumble rugs are also spillproof. So if you’re waiting for company to arrive and your kid pours a sippy cup full of red juice onto your Tabor Rug in Natural/Ash, there’s no need to panic. The liquid will bead on the top layer of the rug and wipe away clean. No hassle involved!

Plus, Tumble rugs include a cushioned rug pad, which helps to keep your rug in place and minimize the chances of slipping and sliding. We really do make the best washable rugs!

No fuss, no muss, no matter how hard the more chaotic elements in your household try. 

3. Better for Your Home’s Air Quality

Any soft surface in your house can be a danger zone when it comes to the air quality of your home. Carpets and rugs (whether they’re cotton, wool, natural materials, or synthetic materials) can hold onto pet dander, bacteria, and other nasties and allergens, which can negatively impact the air you breathe — and make allergies worse.

The only thing that helps this natural accumulation of dust, dirt, and allergens is to wash any textiles in your home on a regular basis. While this may be easy enough when it comes to cushion covers and blankets you keep around your house, traditional rugs aren’t quite so simple. If the idea of splurging hundreds of dollars on a professional rug cleaning doesn’t sound appealing, a washable rug is for you.

Rather than have to struggle through a frustrating and time-consuming process to keep your rug clean and the air in your home healthy, you can just toss it into the washing machine the same way you wash your sheets on a regular basis, and you’re good to go.

4. Better for Your Budget Long Term

Machine washable rugs don’t have to break the bank. Although our Hali rug in Coral/ Khaki may look glamorous and expensive, even in its largest 8x10’ size (it comes in a variety of sizes), it’s more budget-friendly than many traditional alternatives.

Still, it’s important to consider the health of your budget in the long term when you’re making major purchases for your home. For instance, buying the cheapest used mattress you can find on Facebook Marketplace or an online advertisement may feel like the most financially responsible move at the moment. 

But mattresses, like other home furnishings, tend to degrade over time. So while that used mattress is cheap now, it may start to take its toll in other ways — like poor sleep, back problems, and other health issues.

Then, you’ll need to replace the mattress. Even if you spring for the cheapest possible new mattress this time, you’re still spending the price of the new mattress plus the price of the used mattress over time. Whereas if you’d just purchased the new mattress in the first place, it would have likely lasted longer, supported you better, and proved to be cheaper in the long run.

The same applies to rugs. While you may be able to find a non-washable rug that has a more appealing price, as soon as you spill something on it, you’ll have to spring for professional cleaning. Plus, you run the risk of a stain ruining it altogether. The costs of maintaining a non-machine washable rug make that rug so much more expensive over time than a machine washable version.

5. Better for Your Nerves

Although all of the other benefits of machine washable rugs are great, we think this is the most important one. Being able to let your household go about its business without being anxious or paranoid about what might happen to an expensive, non-machine washable rug simply isn’t worth the stress! With a machine-washable rug, you can relax, no matter what your kids, pets, or friends get up to.

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This goes double if you're someone who prefers a light and bright sort of decor. While many of us steer clear of white or cream textiles in highly trafficked spaces, you can lean into your cleanest, whitest fantasies with machine washable rugs. Go ahead and place our Olivia rug in Ivory in the middle of your busy living room, even though you have two large dogs and a toddler — no matter what you throw at it, it’s going to look as good as new when you take it out of the washing machine.

Frankly, we think not having to worry about your favorite piece of decor getting ruined ever again is reason enough to opt for a machine washable rug. Oh, and if you’re still worried, we’ve partnered with Clyde to offer extended warranties which cover everything from spills to rips and tears for up to 3 years!

Wash Those Rugs

Deciding how best to decorate your home can be a challenge. There are so many different design tips and products out there, that even if you have a strong vision for how you want everything to look, making decisions can be overwhelming!

But when it comes to selecting an area rug, one decision you shouldn’t debate is whether or not to get a machine washable rug. In addition to offering the same level of style and sophistication as traditional rugs, machine washable rugs are perfect for any space and any type of household. You deserve a rug that can live as hard-fast, and fun as you do, and one that still looks good after doing it.


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