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Boho Rugs & Moroccan Rugs & Southwestern Rugs

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Our Boho, Moroccan, and Southwestern rug collection seamlessly blends vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and earthy tones, creating a collection of Boho rugs and Southwestern rugs that are unique, eye-catching, and perfect for every Moroccan or Southwestern-inspired home.

Canyon - Oatmeal/Grey
$99.00 - $539.00
Sable - Silver/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Sable - Green/Multi
$99.00 - $539.00
Canyon - Grey/Ivory
$99.00 - $539.00
Maya - Ivory/Neutral
$99.00 - $539.00
Taos - Neutral
$99.00 - $539.00
Sena - Black/Ivory
$99.00 - $389.00
Sedona - Pastel/Ivory
$89.10 - $350.10
Maya - Ocean/Beige
$99.00 - $389.00
Maya - Brick/Multi
$99.00 - $389.00
Sena - Sand/Multi
$99.00 - $389.00
Juliet - Grey/Green
$99.00 - $539.00
Rey - Ivory/Terracotta
$99.00 - $389.00
Cozy Fur - Ivory
$99.00 - $349.00
Savannah - Indigo/Brick
$99.00 - $389.00
Harlow - Sage/Natural
$99.00 - $389.00
Harlow - Sand/Taupe
$99.00 - $389.00
Annika - Beige
$99.00 - $389.00

Can't Decide On a Design?

We're here to make rug shopping effortless. Whether you need help choosing a vibe, style, or size, we'd love to help!

Boho & Moroccan & Southwestern Washable Rugs

Our boho rugs and Southwestern rugs strike the perfect balance between soft, soothing colors and bold, intricate patterns. Blending Southwestern geometric motifs, eye-catching patterns inspired by Moroccan rugs, and an earthy Bohemian color palette, our boho rugs, Moroccan rugs, and Southwestern rugs will make a statement without overpowering the rest of your decor. Whether you’re looking for an eclectic Boho rug, an earthy Moroccan rug, or a more intricate Southwestern rug, this washable rug collection is sure to bring a sense of airy, calming energy into your space.

Styling Your Boho and Moroccan Washable Rug

The decor you choose to pair with your boho rugs and Moroccan rugs should complement the Earthy color palette. Boho and Moroccan design style share a similar aesthetic that seamlessly blends different artistic expressions with an emphasis on organic and natural elements. Decor like ceramic pots and vases, earthy wooden accents, and airy fabrics will work in tandem with your boho rugs to elevate your space. For Moroccan rugs, focus on decorating with rich colors, geometric patterns in art and tile, and plush upholstered furniture.

Stain Resistant Colors

With the lighter colored accents used in many of our boho rugs, Moroccan rugs, and Southwestern rugs, accidental spills and messes can quickly become fatal to the lifespan of your rug. At least, that used to be the case before we created our two-step stain resistant and washable rug design. Now, even the washable area rugs in your heavily trafficked entryway and the washable kitchen rugs in your creatively messy kitchen will remain stain-free and easy to clean for years to come.

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