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5x7 Rugs





Washable Rugs, Made Better

A 5x7 rug is a great way to add a touch of warmth to your space while still keeping a lot of the natural floor exposed. Great as a statement piece at the foot of your bed or in front of a fireplace, our 5x7 rug collection has a variety of machine washable rug designs for you to choose from.

Miro - Ivory/Natural
$99.00 - $389.00
Savannah - Indigo/Brick
Sold out
Savannah - Indigo/Brick
$99.00 - $389.00
Miro - Grey/White
$99.00 - $389.00

About our 5x7 Rug Collection

Our 5x7 rug collection features unique washable area rug designs that measure five feet long by seven feet wide. Because of its size, a washable 5x7 rug is great for spaces that are too large for a small rug but too small for a large rug. A 5x7 rug is also a great rug size for a full bed and will fit perfectly under the bed frame. Rooms like foyers, small living rooms, and small dining rooms are great for a 5x7 rug, leaving a decent amount of natural flooring exposed while still highlighting the machine washable rug design.

How to Style Your 5x7 Rug

A 5x7 rug is great if you’re looking for a washable area rug that fills only a portion of the space, leaving more of the natural flooring underneath exposed. A 5x7 rug is a great rug size for a full bed, underneath the frame, or a great rug for a living room under a coffee table.  If your home has a kitchen with an open floor plan, our washable 5x7 rug collection also offers great washable rugs for kitchen areas as a way to bring a touch of warmth into the room. Plus, the machine washable rug material means you can focus more on cooking and less on preventing accidental spills in the kitchen.

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