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3x5 Rugs





Washable Rugs, Made Better

A 3x5 rug is a great way to bring a small piece of design into your space. Whether you choose a 3x5 rug because you’re decorating a smaller space, or you simply want to add a dynamic element while still leaving most of the natural floor exposed, Tumble has an extensive washable 3x5 rug collection perfect for you.

Miro - Ivory/Natural
$99.00 - $389.00
Savannah - Indigo/Brick
Sold out
Savannah - Indigo/Brick
$99.00 - $389.00
Miro - Grey/White
$99.00 - $389.00

About our 3x5 Rug Collection

Our 3x5 rug collection features beautiful machine washable rug designs that measure three feet long by five feet wide. Because of its small size, our washable 3x5 rug collection provides several options of great rugs for an entryway and other small spaces like mudrooms and small kitchens. A 3x5 rug is also a great rug size for a twin bed. The small size of a 3x5 rug will complement the small twin bed, adding a dynamic design element to the room in a way that makes sense. 

How to Style Your 3x5 Rug

A 3x5 rug is great if you’re looking for a washable area rug that will only fill a small portion of the space you’re decorating. A 3x5 rug is great to be used as a dual set in the bedroom, on either side of any sized bed. Or, if you’re not looking for a dual set, a 3x5 rug is the best rug size for a twin bed. Additionally, a 3x5 rug is the ideal size in front of the sink or stove in a kitchen, and our washable 3x5 rug collection offers great options of ideal rugs for an entryway or mudroom. Plus, the machine washable rug material means you’ll no longer have to stress over muddy shoes and kitchen messes.

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