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Washable Area Rugs Perfect For Summer Design Style

| Team Tumble

With the change of seasons always comes a shift in design trends, and this summer is no different. Last year, we saw a rise in popularity of the Coastal design style featuring light blues, airy whites, and natural textures like wicker and ceramics. Now, as new styles emerge and people begin to shift their interest, this Coastal look is being replaced with a warmer color palette. To help keep you “in the know” about all of the latest design trends for summer, our designer Kerri Besse has compiled a list of the most popular looks for the summer!

What fabrics, colors, and textures are trending in the design world this summer?

“Al Fresco” Dining is brought indoors into every room of the home this summer. This specific design style features Earth-tone textiles paired with bold botanicals and ceramics. Colors like Earthy greens, tans, and browns are paired with warm tones like reds and terracottas to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Elevated by light wood accents, rattan chairs, and minimal designs, Al Fresco focuses on a simplistic palette and brings in colors through botanicals and ceramic decor pieces rather than wall art. 

Another popular way to add bold colors to an Al Fresco space is through the use of accent tiles. In a way, the Al Fresco design style remains in the same family as last year’s popular Coastal design style. However, this new trend focuses more on influences from countries like Portugal rather than the classic New England aesthetics that are often associated with Coastal design. Regardless of how you choose to bring Al Fresco into your home, the goal remains the same: create a welcoming place for loved ones to gather during the warm weather days!

What washable area rugs would you recommend for this summer's design Al Fresco trend?

Annika — Beige

southwestern rug

The new Annika machine washable rug in Beige is a great addition to any space that harnesses the Al Fresco design style. This Southwestern rug features an orange color palette which embraces the warm, Earthy tones often found in the Al Fresco design style. Plus, the Southwestern-inspired spillproof rug design adds a bit of texture to any space, instantly elevating the room.

Savannah — Ivory/Neutral

boho rug

The Savannah washable rug in Ivory/Neutral is a more subtle way to compliment your Al Fresco-inspired space. Designed with elements traditionally found in Oaxaca, Mexico, this spillproof rug uses a light cream colored base accented with grey and taupe motifs. Because of its neutral color palette, the Savannah Boho rug is perfect for complementing any colored tiles or ceramics that you may use to decorate your space. 

Lisa — Taupe/Multi

traditional rug

Even one of our Traditional machine washable rug designs can be brought into the Al Fresco design trend! A spillproof rug like the Lisa in Taupe/Multi is a perfect example of blending the warm Al Fresco style with traditional design motifs. The neutral color palette is accented with Earthy tones, adding the warm environment of an Al Fresco-inspired while the subtle antique distressing allows it to be timeless enough to transition between a variety of design styles. 

What Else Should People Know About the Al Fresco Design Style?

Al Fresco Dining can be BOLD, too! You can find inspiration from vintage tablecloths, fresh fruit such as figs, lemons, oranges, and even children’s books! The more color in your

small decorative accents, the better! You can keep the rug more tonal/solid or go bold with a geometric pattern! Create a state-making & inviting setting for friends to gather!

Best washable rugs for a bold Al Fresco design:

What small details or finishing touches can someone add to their home to make it feel more summery?

To fit into this trend of Al Fresco for a neutral with Earth-tones look; I would recommend adding some light-colored rattan baskets for storage, Linen pillows in solid earth tones, natural fiber throw blankets, natural toned pillar candles, and ceramic vases for dried botanicals. Peel-and-stick wallpaper in neutral tones is a great way to refresh for less!

Key Fabrics: Linen, natural cotton, jute, lightweight sheer woven solids.

For the Bold Al Fresco look; brightly colored striped Turkish towels, picnic blankets with geometric patterns, geometric throw pillows with pops of color, fun/playful wall art or artwork done by children.

Key Fabrics: Textural base fabrics for geometric prints, quilted accents paired with stripes, heavier-weight natural cotton, and interesting jacquard woven accents.

If you’re looking for a more personalized consultation regarding your home’s design style and how to utilize a Tumble washable rug to enhance this style, you can set up a direct  — complimentary — consultation with Kerri here!

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