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Five Tumble Must-Haves From the Best Washable Rug Collection

| Team Tumble

Purchasing a rug that you intend to keep in your home for several years is a big commitment, we get it. Often, it can be intimidating to decide on one specific color scheme, design, and rug style. After all, it’s completely normal — and expected — for your tastes and style preferences to change over time! 

Fortunately, Tumble rugs are designed specifically with versatility in mind. The rug itself is lightweight enough that it can easily be re-folded into a flat square and stored in a closet or under your bed. Plus, the foam rug pad that lays underneath the Tumble can be detached and you can purchase a new rug cover (without the foam pad) separately. That means you can effortlessly change out your Tumble design based on the season or current aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve in your home.

Still, if you feel a bit lost when making that first Tumble purchase, we’re here to help! With several different rug style collections to choose from, Tumble’s inventory of the best washable rugs is extensive and diverse. When making your first purchase, it may be helpful to narrow your selection pool down. We recommend looking at our best selling Tumbles to see a collection of washable rugs that have become popular among our customers. 

If you’re looking for an even smaller selection of rugs, we’ve identified our top five favorite best selling Tumble washable rugs here: 

Hali — Indigo/Bronze

tumble persian washable rug

Why we love it: The Hali Tumble in Indigo/Bronze is a modern take on a traditional rug style. The Turkish kilim-inspired rug features a unique multi-border design rooted in Middle Eastern artistic techniques. With its rich indigo and regal bronze color palette, the Hali Tumble will immediately bring a sense of welcoming warmth into your home.

Why customers love it: The colors are deep and sophisticated. Soft rug and the pad is the perfect cushion for our sitting area. Looks great with a leather couch and dark wood floors.” —Ashley J.

Best paired with: Bronze accent pieces, multi-colored throw blankets, and a fresh home cooked meal.

Sena — Sand/Multi

Tumble contemporary washable rug

Why we love it: The Sena Tumble in Sand/Multi is the perfect element to complete your child’s playroom or nursery. The hand-drawn linework and geometric designs borrow inspiration from Southwestern motifs with an added mid-century/industrial twist. This authentic design will embrace your little one’s playful creativity while still maintaining an elevated aesthetic. With only a few hints of color throughout the design, Sena is the perfect way to bring a subtle pop of vibrancy into the room! 

Why customers love it: This is my 3rd Tumble Rug and I absolutely love the color. The little pops of blue, orange, lime green and fuchsia go perfect with my mix of mid-century / industrial design I have going on in my home. I bought a 3X5 to go in front of our door where we have a cat door and 9...Yes 9...rescue cats that go in and out as they please and track all manner of stuff from the outdoors. No matter what they track in it washes right out.” —Tamera G.

Best paired with: Crushed velvet throw pillows in muted tones, abstract artwork, and tons of toys for playtime.

Tabriz — Sea Blue/Ivory

tumble traditional washable rug

Why we love it: There’s just something about a delicate, detailed piece of art that feels inherently calming to look at. The Tabriz Tumble in Sea Blue/Ivory evokes the same feeling of contentment with its light blue and white color scheme and simplistic line drawings. Staying true to traditional Persion rug style designs, the rug’s focal point is a hand-drawn tree of life motif. This charming design and calming color palette will bring timeless elegance into your home.

Why customers love it: The rug is beautiful, well made and the color looks just as pictured online. I used the design service because I couldn’t decide which one I liked. I uploaded pictures of my living room and the next day received an email with the one a designer recommended. She was spot on and it’s perfect. Great fast service.” —Nancy D.

Best paired with: Neutral furniture, vintage decor, and a warm cup of tea on a chilly morning.

Petra — Sand/Sea

tumble contemporary washable rug

Why we love it: The Petra Tumble in Sand/Sea is like a watercolor painting for your floor! This rug’s painted design is the epitome of modern sensibility and, like Tabriz, brings a calming atmosphere to any room. With its turquoise, gray, and blue color palette, you’ll feel like you're relaxing right near the ocean’s edge from the comfort of your home. If you’re trying to achieve a modern coastal look, the Petra washable rug is a must-have.

Why customers love it: The rug itself is beautiful- it was exactly what I was hoping for to bring the right blend of colors to our living room. Surviving 2 toddlers and 2 cats very well-- super easy to wipe. I am recommending them to my friends already!” —Sumayya A.

Best paired with: White ceramic decor, fresh green houseplants, and your favorite coastal-inspired candle.

Tabor — Natural/Ash

tumble neutral washable rug

Why we love it: Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a neutral rug to compliment your home’s decor and keep your feet comfortable and cozy all year long. The Tabor Tumble in Natural/Ash is the perfect solution for you. This primarily white rug features light distressing and a subtle geometric pattern to add a bit of unique personality to an otherwise neutral rug. The best part? Because this is a Tumble washable rug design, you can bring this white rug into your home without the added stress of what to do if something spills!

Why customers love it: I have been wanting a rug that is white but with dogs I was worried it would get ruined quickly. This rug is amazing! You can easily wipe up any dirt and stains or just throw it in the wash! Definitely replacing all my rugs with tumble!” —Hailey F.

Best paired with: Vibrant accent pieces, multi-colored artwork, and worry-free relaxation.

In addition to these best sellers, be sure to shop all of Tumble’s best washable rugs. Don’t forget, if you already own a Tumble and don’t need to purchase a second rug pad just email us at and we’d be happy to help!

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