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Ask A Designer: Winter Design Trends

| Team Tumble

As we approach the heart of winter, Tumble's designer, Kerri Besse, is here to unveil the latest trends that will transform your home into a cozy haven. Following in the footsteps of our previous blogs on fall design trends, Kerri continues to provide invaluable insights into creating spaces that reflect the season.

Winter Color Palette: Sage and Damson Take Center Stage

Out with olive, in with sage! This winter, we're saying goodbye to the traditional olive tones and embracing the calming sophistication of sage green. This versatile shade pairs beautifully with wood accents, antique brass handles, and artisan décor - infusing your space with rustic charm. The soft, warm nature of sage green creates a timeless and visually appealing interior. For those looking to add a touch of glamor, consider incorporating metallic accents in brass or gold.

 We also welcome damson, a fruity red-purple tone inspired by the British countryside. This rich and sophisticated hue seamlessly integrates into various styles, working well with warm palettes of gold and copper or cooler shades of blue. Whether applied to walls, furniture, or textiles, damson brings warmth and refinement to your home, evoking a sense of charm. Experiment with complementary tones like gold or muted neutrals for a balanced and visually striking effect.

Texture is Key: Embracing “Touch-me” Textures

soft texture

Winter is synonymous with coziness, and this season is all about "touch-me" textures. Boucle, felt, faux fur, and natural linen are the stars, creating a comforting feel that everyone craves in the colder months. Introduce these tactile elements through plush faux fur throws, pillows, or area rugs, instantly transforming your space into a cozy and inviting environment.

Mix and match textures by combining faux fur with natural materials like wood and stone for a harmonious blend of warmth and sophistication. Whether it's a luxurious faux fur throw draped over your sofa or a boucle area rug underfoot, these textures add both opulence and warmth to your winter decor.

Incorporating Winter Trends with Tumble’s Washable Rugs

Now, let's translate these winter design trends into actionable tips for your home, featuring Tumble’s washable rugs.

1. Sage Elegance

harlow sage

Elevate your space with the soothing allure of the Harlow - Sage/Natural washable rug, capturing the essence of winter with its intricate neutral and modern design. The rich green hues of this rug perfectly align with the trending sage color palette for winter. The modern motifs bring a touch of warmth and richness, making it an ideal addition to your winter design.

Place this rug as the centerpiece in your living room or bedroom to instantly infuse your space with the elegance of sage, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Damson Sophistication

azra damson

For a bold statement that embraces the richness of damson, consider the captivating Azra - Ivory/Berry washable rug. This rug serves as a focal point in your space, infusing simplicity with its minimalistic patterns and luxurious hues. The damson and natural tones contribute to the cozy ambiance sought after during the winter months.

Place this rug in areas where you want to make a statement – a living room, dining area, or even a bedroom – and let it set the tone for a winter-inspired, stylish space.

3. Cozy Centerpiece

cozy fur

Introduce an element of ultimate comfort and luxury with the Cozy Fur - Ivory washable rug made with faux fur. The use of faux fur aligns seamlessly with the winter trend of embracing "touch-me" textures, creating a cozy centerpiece that invites you to sink your toes into its softness.

Whether placed beside a fireplace, under a reading nook, or at the foot of your bed, this rug transforms your space into a haven of relaxation. The neutral tones of faux fur effortlessly complement the winter color palette, making it a versatile addition that adds both style and comfort to your home.

Bringing Winter Warmth Home

This winter is all about embracing the calming hues of sage and the richness of damson, while indulging in the luxurious touch-me textures that create a comforting and inviting atmosphere. By incorporating Tumble’s washable rugs, you not only stay on-trend but also elevate your space with style.

If you're seeking personalized advice on how to incorporate these winter design trends into your home, don't hesitate to schedule a complimentary consultation with Kerri.


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