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How To Style a Bed

There’s nothing like making your bed look complete with a luxurious headboard, linen duvet cover, and some decorative pillows. For thousands of years, a bed like yours has symbolized rest, luxury, intimacy, and comfort. And yet, if your life is filled with family obligations, a busy career, and other things that fill your days, it might feel difficult to create...

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Runner Rug

Like buying an​​ area rug for your living room or an outdoor rug for your patio, buying a runner rug for your home shouldn’t be a stressful or overwhelming task. Picking a runner rug, whether it’s Persian, Moroccan, shag, or any other design, shouldn’t be too hard, especially since first impressions are everything.  If you are in search of the...

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The Best Size Rug for Your Dining Room

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal or a night spent celebrating with friends. Though the kitchen is likely to be the place where all the action happens, the dining room is where your efforts shine. With a beautiful spread, candles, and music in the background, the dining room is a place where memories are made.  When you’re not using your...

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How To Style Couch Pillows

It may sound easy, but styling couch pillows as part of your DIY home decor makeover can be a tricky task. For starters, there are a variety of pillows that can make their home on a couch, including lumbar pillows, throw pillows, and variations which all come in different sizes. Across those pillow types are a myriad of pattern and...

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How To Style a Console Table

There are several ways to style a console table, and a lot of them depend on where your console table is located. Whether you’re thinking about introducing a piece of furniture into an entryway, or are transforming an existing console table in a living room space, it’s critical to build elements together to create a cohesive interior design.  If you’re...

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4 Tips on How To Style a Daybed

Whether you’re looking to create more bedding options in the home, or are seeking a comfortable nook for afternoon reading, a daybed will prove to be a valuable interior design addition. However, styling a daybed takes some effort so we’ve put together four tips on how to mindfully design the newest addition to your home.  1. Curate a Color Palette ...

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